Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the judge...

well, tuesday has come and gone and still no court date.  The good news is we at least found out we are assigned a judge, that is the first step.  The bad news is that the judges father passed away TODAY per the reports we are given.  Ohhh boy....  Our facilitator has some contacts and feels that we may still have court on friday...but it's just not sure...so we will wait ... patiently.... and trust.... right? 

The "boo boo" update is that Shea does infact have stiches.  I can't tell how many because of the bandage, it's a bit puffy and a little bruised.  I think by tomorrow they said we can peek under the bandage and see how it looks at least that's what I think we conveyed through my little bit of russian and their little bit of english and as always...body language and gestures.  Shea had a great evening visitation with us.  You would never know he had been through such an injury today by the way he acted.  He as a very good boy and didn't pull or play with the dressings. 

By the way I'm really craving milk!!  I found it no problem in the capital city...but here...I've been successful at finding yogurt but the two times I bought a container of what I thought was milk (had a cow on the front and said 1 %!!) it ended up being that bitter thin yogurt drink.... so once I'm back in the big city I'm marching to the grocery to get some cow juice!

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  1. Poor little buddy! I'm glad he's acting okay though. :) I read all your updates immediately but don't always have the time to comment right then and there - but know that I'm anxiously waiting and watching and will pray for your court date. Again I'm just beyond thrilled and sooo grateful that you have had such a good time with him so far - that he's reacting so positively to you two is just so beautiful - perfect. God is surely in control and has protected you all and brought you together at last. I love the pictures and can't wait for more updates! Love to you all!