Thursday, May 26, 2011

The name game...

Dan and I have long known our Artiom would be Shea Kulp once he was our child. What we TOTALLY forgot to talk about in all the hustle of these last months was what his middle name should be! Ooops! It wasn’t until we were in the notary office rushing paperwork that they said “what is his middle name? It’s needed for these papers”. Whoops! We knew we had no time to spare….we quickly thought about keeping artiom as his middle name or his nickname toma… but they didn’t sound quite right. We tried one other that didn’t sound quite right….then Dan exclaimed….”how about Matthew??” I instantly liked the ring of it…and agreed, and 30 seconds later it was on an official document! SHEA MATTHEW KULP….well soon anyway…after we pass court by the end of this trip God willing! For those of you who don’t know…Matthew is the name of one of Dan’s brothers with down syndrome.)


  1. a beautiful name for a beautiful boy who is part of a beautiful family, the Kulps and the Buttons. Wonderful and awesome!

  2. Matthew must be the name this year. It's going to be part of Noah's middle name too :)