Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pictures from day one and two w Shea....

it took all of about 3 seconds to fall in love w daddy!

he struggles with the straw, but perserveres to get that juice that mommy brought him...

mommy is trying not to be outdone in the "fun" catagory!

out cruisin!  He LOVES being outside...

Shea got out of the drivers seat and walked him self back here holding on to the rails

grandma he LOVES his hat!

great attention span when it's a preferred activity!  He's not so keen on books though...
Our routine right now is to get up and moving in the morning, take a 20 minute ride to the orphanage for a 2 hour visit.  We take the 20 min ride home at midday, eat, rest, run what ever errands we need to and then head out again by 3:30 for our 4-6 pm visit.  We are usually home by 6:45...and we are pooped!  We are hoping to hear a court date by monday...fingers crossed.


  1. sooooooo amazing!!!!!!! thank you for sharing your life with us. He looks soooo happy. Prayers that he will officially be yours VERY VERY VERY soon.

  2. GREAT PICS! So exciting!!! May Godspeed be with you to have Shea in your arms & be heading home to be together forever!

  3. Of course God would match you up with a boy who loves to laugh! Perfect!

  4. Oh Liz!! Who knew in China hey? So exciting to see this all unfold. Blessings to you all - great to see you xxx

  5. OT observations - proper grip on writing utensil, good use of non-dominant hand to stabilize the pictures!!!
    I'm so very happy for all of you, excited, too

  6. LOVE THE PICS!!!! He's just as incredibly adorable as I remember him! You ARE the perfect family for him. :-)

    Shea is with his mama and papa. Finally!!! Praise God! Waited a long time to see these!!!!!!

    A couple of fun observations for me....the polka dot pop-up play tent I bought for the grouppa is still standing. I thought it would have ripped by now, or maybe they don't let the boys play with it. Also, the blanket on the chair with all of the squares (not the brown ugly one) is one of the 7 blankets I brought over that my dd Sarah put together as part of her "Block Party". They were supposed to be used for the kids of course, but at least they aren't lost somewhere else. :-)