Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A boo boo - hospital bound...

no morning visit for us...guess who we found in the medic van when we arrived??!!

entrance street to our current apt

Before I write about our morning...please keep praying...it's afternoon on tuesday the 31st and we have not yet heard about our court date....

Another surprising turn of events today!  We started our routine as normal, the driver was on time and we headed toward the baby house for our AM visitation.  As we were walking up the path to the main doors we saw one of the medic vans...not unusual.  What was unusual was that some staff people were pointing at us and then pointing into the van.  I looked in wondering what was up....and who sits in the van but my Toma!!  He had a serious look on his face, and a big bandage taped above the lateral aspect of his L eye.  I wasn't clear on what happened but through some body language and universal words like boom and oy!...I think they were telling me that he fell down and cut himself.  There was a bit of blood and it looks like he might get a shiner.  Soooo our toma is off to the hospital and no morning visit will happen today. 

He seemed fine all in all, he laughed and smiled a bit and I think he was very happy to be getting a ride in the "machina"!  I asked if I could go along...but they told me no in a very friendly way. 

By the way...do you notice that I'm in clothing for 80 degree weather and he is still in leggings and sweatshirts?!  I notice the boy next to him gets away with no leggings....that lucky boy.  Shea must be so hot!  Yesterday they had leggings, a flannel and a winter coat on him!!  When we were out of eye sight we took of the coat and rolled up his sleeves - he was getting so sweaty! 

Anyway - we are relieved it is probably a minor issue that is sending him off to the hospital.  I'm wondering if he will need stiches??  We are also thankful that it happened on their watch and not ours!  That would have been awful if it had happened during one of the visitations.  Also something I don't think I've mentioned....the man holding him in the picture is his "physical therapist".  Now I don't know if he has formal training or education etc...but his job is to spend time with the kids working on range, mobility, walking etc etc...so we are thankful that he's been getting some of this in his weekly routine! 

I wonder if this "boo boo" happened during PT time, because he does usually have it in the AM before we visit and this man was at the van with Shea...so that is what I'm guessing.  From the motivation and bravery that our little man has I'm sure this won't be his last boo boo while trying to achieve great feats!  We waved to toma as he rode off in the van, he blew us a kiss and smiled.  I made muscle signs at him telling him to be tough.  I think they were relieved that we took it well and didn't freak out!  Like I said...leave the type A at home :)


  1. We are praying EVERY day for you all! Love you much Kulp family!!
    -the Payne family :)

  2. for real, I was totally wondering "what's up with the tights?":)