Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exhausted Joy....Thursday 26th

sorry...right now my connection is too slow to let me load a photo :(

I am very very very pooped so this will be basic and I’ll expand more after some food and sleep!
Train arrived in region a bit late so we immediately hit the ground running as we expected.
1) social workers office for interview
2) meeting with orphanage lawyer to get Shea’s social history
3) met our boy for 5 minutes!!
4) meeting with orphanage doctor
5) trip to local courtroom
6) back to social work office to drop off papers
7) back to orphanage for our formal visitation…almost 2 hours from 4 to 6 pm J
8) back to social workers office to drop off more papers
9) our facilitator had to go the couriers office with our files
10) a drive to show us our nearest grocery stores and places to grab dinner…by now we have been eating granola and oranges etc since yesterday at lunch time! We were well prepared for this though… new families take note! No time to stop for eating…and bathroom time - plan it well!
11) to our apartment …. Finally…. ahhhh


  1. How is Shea? Was he excited to meet you as you were to meet him? Give us some details when you are able to. Best of luck ....

  2. Yay!!! You met him!!! I love the name too. It has a nice sound to it. I can't wait to hear more and see pictures!

  3. Love the name!!! Will continue to pray for your process and your bonding with Shea!!!

  4. You got to meet him!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! So happy for you all! praying for smooth sailing and a WHOLE happy family as soon as possible :)

  5. cant wait to hear about Shea.....

  6. Praying with you and anxiously waiting photos.