Saturday, May 30, 2015

Confounding the Wise...

A quick update from the homefront.  We're all very proud of daddy / hubby who has finally finally finished and published his book!  It's a bit, no a lot strange to see a book floating around that has photos of my family in it and strands of our journey and the story of family, adoption, special needs and surviving / thriving at this life woven through it.  I tend to like a computer screen between myself and the stories i tell.... so this was all a bit akward and different for this mom who likes to stay under the radar so to speak. At the same time it is exciting to have something to chronicle our crazy life to hold onto tangibly.  Also, there is hope that it will fall into the hands of people who need humor, encouragement or a seed planted to take the next step...

At the very least it warms my heart to see Danielle carry it around the house every day, and proudly point out her picture on the cover. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Pieters Life Center last week... it was a night to remember.

Tonight I'm lacking a lengthy blog, or any comical stories...but would covet any coverage in prayer as the adventure of life has proven to be ... well... very adventerous these last few months :)

We would love prayers for
- our house to remain illness free as we prepare shea physically and mentally for his spinal surgery coming up in early june, and the healing and rehabilitation that will follow
- for the health of near and dear family members fighting the fight
-for wisdom, encouragement and passion for dan as he pastors the church
-for patience and appreciation of each moment as parents to our kiddos
-protection for shea and i as we travel with his team to NJ for regional competitions...the last hoorah the 3 days before surgery before he dons his spiffy new back brace for 3 months
-dan's mom as she prepares to put her house on the market.
-for each of our children to grow strong in physical and mental health, in faith and in character

As always we appreciate your helps, concern and prayers... until next time.... - The "Kulprits"
thanks to the folks who have asked how to purchase a copy, it is currently on amazon and barnes and nobles for online sale.  Or contact us directly if local ....