Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My husband for a decade!

April 17th,2014  Happy Tenth Anniversary Dan!

10 years... sometimes it doesn't seem possible.  Sometimes it seems like we just walked down the aisle yesterday.  Sometimes it seems like we've lived life together forever.

10 years... the adventures we've shared in this time frame, doesn't quite fit the average curve ... ehh?

10 years... I'm so glad I chose just the right mate to share this time with, and the future years to come as well.  That's a decade!  We've been married for a decade...that's pretty neat.

10 years... I think we may have exerted the energy of 20 years with our unique family choices, gotten the sleep of 3 years time, and had enough meetings, appointments, and illnesses for 30!

10 years... the passion, emotions, joys,and stories we've experienced while growing as a couple, and building this family should have taken much longer...we've packed each day full of punch for sure.  

I don't know many other men who would agree to the life we've chosen and for that i'm thankful.  It certainly isn't easy, but it's certainly worth it. 

I don't know many other men who team with their mate like you do, taking part in family life, child care, home duties, and being a father who is "present".  I know it's overwhelming for you many times, but I appreciate every bit of it.  Our "ships passing in the night" lifestyle has it's challenges, but it's many benefits as well.

I don't know many other men who are as crazy as you....!

I don't know many other men who are as convicted as you....

I don't know many other men who make people laugh as you do...

I love you very much, and feel honored to reach this milestone with you, my husband.  I'm thankful that we love each others "all"... the perfect and the imperfections.

My prayer for you in the years to come, is that you have peace, are filled with joy and contentment, and that our adventure continues.

Much love - always yours.... Elizabeth.