Thursday, December 30, 2010

The little hairs on the back of your neck....

Do you ever get so moved by something that it raises the little hairs on the back of your neck?  This has happened to our family.  I recently began reading about and then actively researching the orphanage system in Eastern Europe.  There is a specific country that has a gut wrenching reality.  When orphans who have physical or mental disabilities turn 4 years old, the government starts the process to have them transferred out of the "baby homes".  They are moved to mental institutions right along with adults.  Many reports describe children isolated, left in beds with no stimulation, and even locked away.  I know things like this happened even in our country years ago, but I cry to think of it still happening anywhere in the world today.  Thank God in some places reform has happened, but to think of the places where it has not....

My Simon is 6, my Danielle is 8, they would have been in these mental institutions for 2 and 4 years by now if they were born in this particular country and orphaned....I can't imagine this for one heart is ripped into shreds thinking about it.

So, our plates are full, our lifes are crazy, our house is too small, our bank account is even smaller....but our hearts have been broken for the least of these.  Guess what friends?  One of these boys will be ours!!  The Kulp family will expand by one in about 7 months.  We are actively in the process of adopting Shea.  He is a four year old with good cognitive health, but he was born with Spina Bifida, so he has some physical challenges.

Simon and Danielle have another sibling to welcome to the tribe.  Our heads are spinning, but our hearts are full!  Dear Lord, bless our new child, protect him from transfers, and give our paperwork wings like eagles!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saving Shea...

This isnt just any bracelet! This bracelet is fighting for a little boy named Shea. Shea is a little boy who is an orphan and because of his age and his diagnosis of Spina Bifida will be institutionalized very soon if a family doesn't adopt him. 5.00 of every bracelet purchased will go to helping save Shea. So this Christmas give a gift that truly makes a difference. Every "Saving Shea" bracelet will come with a small card explaining to the recipient where the money is going and the difference it is making.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

catch up!

Well this will just need to be a catch up of the last few weeks as I have neglected my new blogging hobby lately.  So much has happened since the last time I wrote....and by the way, it took simon all of 24 hours to figure out how to get those boots off of his much for my victory!
As most of you know our Danielle had a stay at Strong could never tell by looking at her now!  She needed to have appendicitis ruled out, and ended up with a nasty pneumonia, oxygen needed, high fever and all of that fun that comes with it.  She was a trooper though.  Daddy was out of town, and I am so thankful for all the help I got from people with juggling my crazy life:)

We've started our Christmas decorating, but no tree yet....I'm building up the courage.

Simon is healthy other than the ongoing journey of trying to keep his GI system in balance....I wish I had a magic window into his intestines.  His mood can be directly related to his "belly comfort" and it is such a fine line to keep him....shall we say "just right".  I hope someday we will master this skill for our guy.  He has a new fascinating hobby of balancing all of his toys on the corner of anything he can find....4 animals on the 4 corners of his bed, 4 cars on the 4 corners of the table etc etc....quite cute.  He has been showing us a bit of...hmmm shall we say "stong willedness" lately that we are trying to nip, but he still dishes out plenty of sweet and cute and lovable each day too.

I am happy to report that my cardiac symptoms have been much better since the week before thanksgiving...I'm feeling like a normal 33 year old woman again...almost.  I'm praying that it will continue to improve, or at least hold steady. 

I'm looking forward to Christmas time....Danielle's second with us now...last year was a bit overstimulating and difficult for her, so I am happy to think of how special this one should be for her.  I have also been plugged into the 9p- parents network and have learned a few new things about danielle's diagnosis....knowledge is power, and that makes my feel a little more in control of our zany life....but the Big Guy in the sky knows all so I'll just try to "take a chill pill" and not be so ocd about things....(or at least I'll try!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The month of thanks has begun -

Well tonight has been pretty much a Norman Rockwell night, with the exception of the fact that my house is a mess.  None of those Norman Rockwell paintings showed a pile of laundry, and dirty dishes that I can remember, but all in all it's been a nice evening.  How could it not be?  I finally found a pair of shoes that Simon can't get off no matter what (at least so far)  His bus driver will be so pleased - no more flying nikes past his head, and no more socks landing on the dash.  Boy the ride will sure be boring now! 

Norman would have loved painting the picture of Simon falling asleep with a toy in his hand, and sitting upright just a few moments ago, I could almost visualize the   Z Z Z Z Z's floating up into the air. 

Norman could also paint the scene that is occurring right this second, as I type I can hear my daughter sneaking cookies in the kitchen...let's see she just sat down hiding a bowl under her sweatshirt...hmm hold on I need to go count.  One, two, three....nine!  She snuck 9 cookies!  Oh she is her mother's daughter.  I'll let her keep 2, I'll just have to take care of the rest, hee hee.

Dan is off at one of his many meetings tonight, and he will return soon.  Then we will enter whirlwind mode as he packs for being out of town for the rest of the week, and I get as many odds and ends done as I can to prepare for being a 'single parent' for awhile.  Come on Norman, I have a full load for the next few days...keep the warm fuzzy's coming if you would.  I appreciate it!  And Dear God, thanks for making Norman!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy Land

There once was a home full of crazy,
the queen longed for a day to be lazy,

but there were patients to see,
and places to be,

pukey sickos to nurse,
and no poop that's the worst!

The laundry piled high,
right up to the sky,

Walls wanting for paint,
new meds, yikes I'll faint!

PTA to attend,
missing buttons to mend.

Mouths to be fed,
then drop dead into bed.

Fast asleep, there's a snore,
and I dreaming of more..

:) The End?
last verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stolen quote of the day...

So often I wake up with aspirations to be June Cleaver, yet go to bed feeling like Roseanne!

Just a general update inspiring muses have come my way with anything witty or charming to compose, so I will just give you a snippet of our controlled chaos that we call the weekend!

My son, decided to "set his shoes free" from the sky ride at Bristol Mountain today, I should be mad, but I just can't stop laughing.  There is something unusually comic, yet serene about watching a shoe, followed by a sock float it's way through the air, and then thump onto the mountain....gone forever!  I'm certainly not brave enough right now to hike up or down that mountain with a shoeless child, and of course he "freed" his shoe from exactly the midway point of the ride.

Danielle is riding that horse like a pro!  She uses the staff person who guides the horse, but has graduated from needing a sidewalker anymore.  Nervous nelly mommy has a little trouble with that, but Dan and the stable staff have convinced me she's ready.  Simon's sidewalker only needs to hold an ankle now.  It's so fun to watch his face light up as that horse starts to walk.

Say a few prayers for us tomorrow night, Danielle goes in for her sleep study...lots of wires and gadgets she will need to "be at peace with".  Our little princess snores like a trucker, and I've diagnosed her with night time restless body syndrome!  This hopefully will give the ENT justification to remove her tonsils which did wonders for simon.  (she has closure of her frontal sutures, and a facial boney structure which makes her airway passages very small...removing the tonsils could improve her airflow at night, and maybe help her sleep better)

Simon is now fast asleep in a big boy bed....danielle had a tea party with mommy and grandma tonight, and Dan should be home soon.  Thank you God, - counting my blessings....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

When Love Takes You In - Steven Curtis Chapman

On the road again

Sooo, I've decided that whoever decided it was dangerous to drive while talking on a cell phone probably didn't have 2 children in the backseat of their car. I would rate driving while talking on my phone, while alone 100 times safer than driving with my 2 kids in the backseat sans phone...

I mean, really, is my arm supposed to twist and contort that way to reach the ever unreachable car toy, and what did Bob the Builder do to deserve to get thrown out of a moving car at 50 mph? and ohhh, danielle that's so sweet that you're sharing your drink with your brother...but oh, oh, no stop honey he's going to spill.....oh crud. Potty? Potty? But you just went 2 minutes ago...OHHH you're serious, I'm pulling over NOW! Does anyone else have 3 rearview mirrors, one for driving and one for each child to ensure they are not mugging their sibling? Ahh ahh choo...oh shoot, SNOT!... don't touch! I'm getting a kleenex, hold on...........ohhh never mind you got it....everywhere. :)

Hmmm, talking on my phone while alone in the car....seems pretty safe to me in comparison. Maybe they should ticket me for driving with my kids in the car. (and no I did not get another ticket!)

By the way I am again energetic enough to get back to priming downstairs...I think I am the slowest painter alive! I am so longing for the end of this project, meaning more space for our family! Can't wait to spread out a little and get the kids into their own rooms!

I will note however, that although I'm much improved, I was embarrassed last night in the Long Acres Corn Maze when 2 of my prego, semi-waddling friends (sorry you two, no offense!) were easily able to out walk me in both speed and distance...hrmph.

Signing off now for a trip to Never Say Never Stables to take the kids riding. Thank you God for our many blessings, help me not to ever take them for granted!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Lessons

Information I'm sure you can not live without...

I've learned certain ethnic practices still linger in my daughter's brain. Caught my daughter trying to pee standing up over the toilet today, yikes!

I've learned that after giving a 5 year old a enema (thank you soooo much pediatrician, shouldn't you do this? it seems pretty medical to me!) you should not let him move with out his tushy properly covered. His waterworks display rivaled that of the geysers of our country's national parks!

TMI, I know....but that was my day, what can I say?

I've learned that crossing a canal bridge with my 2 children, cars on the right, water and height beneath, my son who is obsessed with the patterned metal grid we were walking on, and my gal who became very overwhelmed with this venture may not have been such a good idea! I didn't even consider that this could be scary...but looking through her eyes...

I've learned that even if we can't find any ducks to feed, the bread we brought certainly still gets eaten!

I've learned this weekend went by way to fast! Wish I could control the clock!

Crazy, crazy, thoughts...

So last Saturday I was able to go to the Women of Faith Conference - my spirit was refreshed. Thank you Dan for arranging this.

This weekend Dan and I had a get away to Letourno - I was physically refreshed. Thank you to our sitters by the was marvelous.

I have a new medication which I've been on since Thursday, and my cardiac symptoms are significantly decreased...I took the kids out for a hayride and a trip to the canal to feed ducks - all by myself! I could never have done this last week...I feel thankful and refreshed! Wow!

Alas, there is danger in feeling refreshed, with recharged batteries. My husband will testify to this. I came down with "a fever" - not medically related in anyway shape or form. You see when I feel close to God, and rested, and just a little in control of our chaos, I start thinking crazy crazy thoughts.

The thoughts have been swirling around in my head for a few months now - but they had been pushed down into the shadows because of our "ahem" trials and tribulations of late. Now, though...I'm feeling a bit better, I've had time to recharge, and it's obviously noticed that I have a big girl 8 year old, a big boy who is almost 6, and no babes in the Kulp home what so ever. Hmmm, this might be a problem. Gosh, this medication I'm taking is not safe for a mom to be...but gee whiz, there are an awful lot of kids out in this world who don't have a mama or a daddy. Does anyone know anything about adoption?? I'm just sayin'....

Oh, maybe I just better wait until Wednesday when life has spiraled out of control again, laundry is piled high and my paperwork is once again late! But I'm just saying.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Good Man...

My husband wins an award this week for being a good guy. As many of you know, this month has been one of struggles for me in regards to my health, and pacemaker issues etc. I've had multiple conversations with my body, my doctor and that chunk of metal keeping things going. It goes something like this...
"Dear self / metal chunk / all knowing doctor - I really don't have time to slow down right now, the end" The problem is, I keep talking, but they are not listening. I even had another fun 48 hours of wearing that sexy holter monitor again. Anyway, my point is I'm frustrated, but my hubby has been a gem. He's holding his own, and then some. He is speaking my love language of helps and teaming with me to keep all those balls that we are juggling from hitting the ground. Thank you hubby for painting the ceiling last week, making yummy dinners, and sending me off to Women of Faith. You are a good man.
One thing I've discovered while exploring this new thing called blogging is one major difference between a journal and a blog. I've noticed you have to blog with a good attitude. With my friend the journal I can spew and whine and vent....and the pages do not mind, no one is the wiser, and I've gotten some things off my chest. Ahhh very therapuetic. Now with the blog...ohh dear, me oh my, but wait...people might read this stuff, so I better not pout!! This surely is a helpful tool, to ensure I tell my life stories with the glass 1/2 full and no whining allowed...(for the most part!) I think this is a nice feature...because of course we always have more good than bad to why waste time on the whining?
OK, God, no whining today. I have the stamina of a 60 year old woman...but that's good news, because a week and a half ago, I felt like an 80 year old. Please fix my ticker, and don't teach my children how to run any faster quite yet! Amen.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weather report

hmm where to start?

Today a 5 year old taught me how to poach and egg....I didn't know really, but now I do. Well, it was kind of cheating because he had a cool machine that did the work for you. I think I want one! And a shark, yeah one of those cool floor sweepers....definitely need one of those. And a window cleaning service, yeah...ohh ohh and a professional painter to finish the downstairs rooms.... ahhh I digress....and dream a little! (Boy my dreams are kind of lame this week :)

Anyway, you know that saying, when it rains it pours? Well my little Simon is stuck under a rain cloud this week! It's not a thunderstorm, and no hail is involved....but a nice steady sprinkle that he can't seem to shake. This little guy is tough though. His latest ailment is an intestinal impaction. A new experience for simon and mommy who is playing nurse now. What a fun treatment details needed. Dan's mom told me today that I have inherited her poop ministry. I feel so proud.

Our family certainly has had a lot going on lately...kind of funny and discouraging all at the same time. I think though, that there has to be a sunny patch just up ahead, with no colds, stitches, short circuited pace makers, injuries or "plumbing" problems. November...sunny with a chance of normalcy?? I hope so.

To end on a comic note....Danielle had a big school event last night. I was of course on pins and needles, hoping for good behavior and a smooth evening around all of the staff, parents and peers. You know, because my daughter is just like yours....right? Of course right. Danielle greeted her principal with a high five and lots of friendly chatter. I think she was proud to show off her school to us. Then she promptly took her little pink umbrella and rammed it right up in between Mr Principal's legs. Oh my, oh dear, bury my head in my sweater and non-chalantly take Danielle by the hand and say good evening, on to the next stop. He seemed to be a good sport about it all, and no injuries! Arghhh.

That is our life...I could go on, but I'm sure that's enough for now!
Thank you God, for diaper wipes, and nasal spray, for silly times, and bedtime stories....AMEN.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Norman Rockwell moments


I'm exhausted...but my son smiled for 5 hours straight tonight.

I have dishes in my sink....but my little girl prayed out loud before bedtime.

My veggie garden needs desperate attention....but we played in a pumpkin patch this weekend.

Simon needed abdominal x-rays after school today....but he flirted with the secretaries and told secrets to his bunny rabbit friend.

Dan and I have the noisiest house on the block tonight....but the kids played chase tag forever with no injuries!

I Still have paperwork to finish from my job tonight... but we read a new book with the kids.

I should be catching up on all of my to do's right now....but instead, I'm content,

And once again - counting my blessings. Amen

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Killer" chickens, sort of!

Danielle has been home for over a year, and she is still encountering culture shock at times. Our family attended a birthday party yesterday. Danielle is getting to be a pro at these. She was anxious to play outside, so out we went, bubbles in hand. Outside for a total of about 45 seconds I witnessed a look of fear, and horror overwhelm my daughters face, promptly followed by cries and shrieks. Within seconds my 50ish lb daughter, (who is getting almost as long as her mother) had climbed up me like I was a tree. She was holding on and burying her face for dear life! I looked around to see what had caused this reaction....and 100 feet away was a lone chicken!

I am a mean, mean mommy, because I started to giggle. We've had enough of these episodes in the last year - I knew she would forget her trauma in a matter of minutes (once the birthday cake was in hand I'm sure)

Poultry....I never knew they could be so horribly scary. Alas, to my gal who lived 7 years of her life not exposed to makes sense. So giggles and all, I squeezed her, hugged her and reassured her that I wouldn't let those mean nasty chickens eat her alive! And of course the birthday cake did make everything all better. -

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning Conversations With God

Liz: Saturday 6:30 am....please God, no, just a little more sleep...that's not Danielle I hear right?? Must be noise from outside, or the boogie man, or maybe just a burglar....I think I'll just go back to sleep. Thump thump thump, my daughters not so delicate steps bring her to my doorway.

Danielle: "all done, all done" She proclaims time for slumber is history.....

Liz: Argh, sigh....whine

Dan: snore, pleasantly sleeping, or at least pretending to be.

God whispers: this is your beautiful daughter....I'm giving you even more time to spend with her by waking you both early - smirk.

Liz: mabye if I climb into Danielle's toddler sized bed with her, she will think cuddling is fun and drift back into marvelous sleep....and shhhh please don't wake your brother....oh crap. He's wide awake....cue giggle from the boy child. Ok, pretend you don't notice he's awake... holy cow I'm too big for this bed.

Danielle: Ohhh cuddling with mom is great!.... for 2 minutes. "all done, all done" Thump, thump, thump....she escapes.

Liz: maybe I'll just lay in this miniature bed for a few more minutes

God: ohhh brother lady, I'm rising the sun for you...go take a look.

Liz: prys one eye open, and has the chance to see my children holding hands on the other side of the room. Oh wait, No, they're holding toes, foot to foot, ohhh, well that's cute too.

God: see....blessings, get up lazy

Danielle: thump, thump, thump.... "ma ma, ALL DONE!" Whoosh, blanket is yanked off mommy.

Liz: Brrr, it's way too cold now to lay in this miniature bed. I guess I'll get up now.

Simon: giggle, giggle, giggle, squeal!

God: Get movin' my daughter, you can sleep when you're old. Now it's time to play!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Counting the blessings...

I'm going to try this "blogging business". I used to love to journal the old fashioned way....but then I was the only one who would see it. Everyone is just dying to know the daily adventures of the Kulp family right? Well, maybe not! - but with my writing I can be proud, vent, express, keep memories, bore you, and make you why not? Let's see how it goes, and I would love to have you all along for the adventure. The last 2 times I journaled we were expanding our family! Don't worry, that's not the case this time. (knock on wood).

God has given me many blessings, in a strange way putting them into writing will be a fun way to say thank you to Him....and for the craziness He has made my life. Pure joy, sweat, fun, frustration, but I don't think I would change a thing. In what other house would my entertainment come from watching my 5 year old shake his booty, and my 8 year old shove donut holes into her mouth until she looks like a chipmunk?

I think of where my children came from, Simon a forest, wrapped in a sheet, in deep snow....Danielle left at 3 years old alone at a hotel. Now they kiss my face, give me raspberries, and have profound decisions to make like do we watch Elmo or Curious George tonight? Thank you God for transformations. As a mother I can be a bit OCD (shush who are giggling or rolling your eyes!) I tend to stress daily about whether I am teaching them enough. Have we practiced our counting? Did I remember to let them put their own socks on? Did they take their vitamins? Well at the end of the day, I know one thing....they are happy kids. God has given them to us, and now we are family. A family of chaos, which I try to control. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail....but we are "each others people" now. I couldn't think of a nicer miracle for God to give me, and I will try to remember this when I am woken at 2 am for a poopy diaper, or a runny nose.

Goodnight -