Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning Conversations With God

Liz: Saturday 6:30 am....please God, no, just a little more sleep...that's not Danielle I hear right?? Must be noise from outside, or the boogie man, or maybe just a burglar....I think I'll just go back to sleep. Thump thump thump, my daughters not so delicate steps bring her to my doorway.

Danielle: "all done, all done" She proclaims time for slumber is history.....

Liz: Argh, sigh....whine

Dan: snore, pleasantly sleeping, or at least pretending to be.

God whispers: this is your beautiful daughter....I'm giving you even more time to spend with her by waking you both early - smirk.

Liz: mabye if I climb into Danielle's toddler sized bed with her, she will think cuddling is fun and drift back into marvelous sleep....and shhhh please don't wake your brother....oh crap. He's wide awake....cue giggle from the boy child. Ok, pretend you don't notice he's awake... holy cow I'm too big for this bed.

Danielle: Ohhh cuddling with mom is great!.... for 2 minutes. "all done, all done" Thump, thump, thump....she escapes.

Liz: maybe I'll just lay in this miniature bed for a few more minutes

God: ohhh brother lady, I'm rising the sun for you...go take a look.

Liz: prys one eye open, and has the chance to see my children holding hands on the other side of the room. Oh wait, No, they're holding toes, foot to foot, ohhh, well that's cute too.

God: see....blessings, get up lazy

Danielle: thump, thump, thump.... "ma ma, ALL DONE!" Whoosh, blanket is yanked off mommy.

Liz: Brrr, it's way too cold now to lay in this miniature bed. I guess I'll get up now.

Simon: giggle, giggle, giggle, squeal!

God: Get movin' my daughter, you can sleep when you're old. Now it's time to play!

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