Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the road again

Sooo, I've decided that whoever decided it was dangerous to drive while talking on a cell phone probably didn't have 2 children in the backseat of their car. I would rate driving while talking on my phone, while alone 100 times safer than driving with my 2 kids in the backseat sans phone...

I mean, really, is my arm supposed to twist and contort that way to reach the ever unreachable car toy, and what did Bob the Builder do to deserve to get thrown out of a moving car at 50 mph? and ohhh, danielle that's so sweet that you're sharing your drink with your brother...but oh, oh, no stop honey he's going to spill.....oh crud. Potty? Potty? But you just went 2 minutes ago...OHHH you're serious, I'm pulling over NOW! Does anyone else have 3 rearview mirrors, one for driving and one for each child to ensure they are not mugging their sibling? Ahh ahh choo...oh shoot, SNOT!... don't touch! I'm getting a kleenex, hold on...........ohhh never mind you got it....everywhere. :)

Hmmm, talking on my phone while alone in the car....seems pretty safe to me in comparison. Maybe they should ticket me for driving with my kids in the car. (and no I did not get another ticket!)

By the way I am again energetic enough to get back to priming downstairs...I think I am the slowest painter alive! I am so longing for the end of this project, meaning more space for our family! Can't wait to spread out a little and get the kids into their own rooms!

I will note however, that although I'm much improved, I was embarrassed last night in the Long Acres Corn Maze when 2 of my prego, semi-waddling friends (sorry you two, no offense!) were easily able to out walk me in both speed and distance...hrmph.

Signing off now for a trip to Never Say Never Stables to take the kids riding. Thank you God for our many blessings, help me not to ever take them for granted!

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  1. Totally agree with you on the car thing! Kids are way more dangerous than cell phones!