Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Lessons

Information I'm sure you can not live without...

I've learned certain ethnic practices still linger in my daughter's brain. Caught my daughter trying to pee standing up over the toilet today, yikes!

I've learned that after giving a 5 year old a enema (thank you soooo much pediatrician, shouldn't you do this? it seems pretty medical to me!) you should not let him move with out his tushy properly covered. His waterworks display rivaled that of the geysers of our country's national parks!

TMI, I know....but that was my day, what can I say?

I've learned that crossing a canal bridge with my 2 children, cars on the right, water and height beneath, my son who is obsessed with the patterned metal grid we were walking on, and my gal who became very overwhelmed with this venture may not have been such a good idea! I didn't even consider that this could be scary...but looking through her eyes...

I've learned that even if we can't find any ducks to feed, the bread we brought certainly still gets eaten!

I've learned this weekend went by way to fast! Wish I could control the clock!

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  1. Liz, I really enjoy your blogs. Keep them coming.Dorothy C.