Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Killer" chickens, sort of!

Danielle has been home for over a year, and she is still encountering culture shock at times. Our family attended a birthday party yesterday. Danielle is getting to be a pro at these. She was anxious to play outside, so out we went, bubbles in hand. Outside for a total of about 45 seconds I witnessed a look of fear, and horror overwhelm my daughters face, promptly followed by cries and shrieks. Within seconds my 50ish lb daughter, (who is getting almost as long as her mother) had climbed up me like I was a tree. She was holding on and burying her face for dear life! I looked around to see what had caused this reaction....and 100 feet away was a lone chicken!

I am a mean, mean mommy, because I started to giggle. We've had enough of these episodes in the last year - I knew she would forget her trauma in a matter of minutes (once the birthday cake was in hand I'm sure)

Poultry....I never knew they could be so horribly scary. Alas, to my gal who lived 7 years of her life not exposed to makes sense. So giggles and all, I squeezed her, hugged her and reassured her that I wouldn't let those mean nasty chickens eat her alive! And of course the birthday cake did make everything all better. -

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