Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weather report

hmm where to start?

Today a 5 year old taught me how to poach and egg....I didn't know really, but now I do. Well, it was kind of cheating because he had a cool machine that did the work for you. I think I want one! And a shark, yeah one of those cool floor sweepers....definitely need one of those. And a window cleaning service, yeah...ohh ohh and a professional painter to finish the downstairs rooms.... ahhh I digress....and dream a little! (Boy my dreams are kind of lame this week :)

Anyway, you know that saying, when it rains it pours? Well my little Simon is stuck under a rain cloud this week! It's not a thunderstorm, and no hail is involved....but a nice steady sprinkle that he can't seem to shake. This little guy is tough though. His latest ailment is an intestinal impaction. A new experience for simon and mommy who is playing nurse now. What a fun treatment details needed. Dan's mom told me today that I have inherited her poop ministry. I feel so proud.

Our family certainly has had a lot going on lately...kind of funny and discouraging all at the same time. I think though, that there has to be a sunny patch just up ahead, with no colds, stitches, short circuited pace makers, injuries or "plumbing" problems. November...sunny with a chance of normalcy?? I hope so.

To end on a comic note....Danielle had a big school event last night. I was of course on pins and needles, hoping for good behavior and a smooth evening around all of the staff, parents and peers. You know, because my daughter is just like yours....right? Of course right. Danielle greeted her principal with a high five and lots of friendly chatter. I think she was proud to show off her school to us. Then she promptly took her little pink umbrella and rammed it right up in between Mr Principal's legs. Oh my, oh dear, bury my head in my sweater and non-chalantly take Danielle by the hand and say good evening, on to the next stop. He seemed to be a good sport about it all, and no injuries! Arghhh.

That is our life...I could go on, but I'm sure that's enough for now!
Thank you God, for diaper wipes, and nasal spray, for silly times, and bedtime stories....AMEN.

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  1. i just have too say this is a great pic such a Kodak moment