Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stolen quote of the day...

So often I wake up with aspirations to be June Cleaver, yet go to bed feeling like Roseanne!

Just a general update inspiring muses have come my way with anything witty or charming to compose, so I will just give you a snippet of our controlled chaos that we call the weekend!

My son, decided to "set his shoes free" from the sky ride at Bristol Mountain today, I should be mad, but I just can't stop laughing.  There is something unusually comic, yet serene about watching a shoe, followed by a sock float it's way through the air, and then thump onto the mountain....gone forever!  I'm certainly not brave enough right now to hike up or down that mountain with a shoeless child, and of course he "freed" his shoe from exactly the midway point of the ride.

Danielle is riding that horse like a pro!  She uses the staff person who guides the horse, but has graduated from needing a sidewalker anymore.  Nervous nelly mommy has a little trouble with that, but Dan and the stable staff have convinced me she's ready.  Simon's sidewalker only needs to hold an ankle now.  It's so fun to watch his face light up as that horse starts to walk.

Say a few prayers for us tomorrow night, Danielle goes in for her sleep study...lots of wires and gadgets she will need to "be at peace with".  Our little princess snores like a trucker, and I've diagnosed her with night time restless body syndrome!  This hopefully will give the ENT justification to remove her tonsils which did wonders for simon.  (she has closure of her frontal sutures, and a facial boney structure which makes her airway passages very small...removing the tonsils could improve her airflow at night, and maybe help her sleep better)

Simon is now fast asleep in a big boy bed....danielle had a tea party with mommy and grandma tonight, and Dan should be home soon.  Thank you God, - counting my blessings....

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  1. love the imagery of Simon's shoes and socks floating through the air onto the mountain..... freed feet are the best anyway ;-)
    Thanks for sharing; I love your blog and the "stolen" quote. The quote is so true for me more days than I care to admit....