Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy, crazy, thoughts...

So last Saturday I was able to go to the Women of Faith Conference - my spirit was refreshed. Thank you Dan for arranging this.

This weekend Dan and I had a get away to Letourno - I was physically refreshed. Thank you to our sitters by the was marvelous.

I have a new medication which I've been on since Thursday, and my cardiac symptoms are significantly decreased...I took the kids out for a hayride and a trip to the canal to feed ducks - all by myself! I could never have done this last week...I feel thankful and refreshed! Wow!

Alas, there is danger in feeling refreshed, with recharged batteries. My husband will testify to this. I came down with "a fever" - not medically related in anyway shape or form. You see when I feel close to God, and rested, and just a little in control of our chaos, I start thinking crazy crazy thoughts.

The thoughts have been swirling around in my head for a few months now - but they had been pushed down into the shadows because of our "ahem" trials and tribulations of late. Now, though...I'm feeling a bit better, I've had time to recharge, and it's obviously noticed that I have a big girl 8 year old, a big boy who is almost 6, and no babes in the Kulp home what so ever. Hmmm, this might be a problem. Gosh, this medication I'm taking is not safe for a mom to be...but gee whiz, there are an awful lot of kids out in this world who don't have a mama or a daddy. Does anyone know anything about adoption?? I'm just sayin'....

Oh, maybe I just better wait until Wednesday when life has spiraled out of control again, laundry is piled high and my paperwork is once again late! But I'm just saying.....

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  1. I can totally relate. Sometimes even in the craziness I think crazy thoughts of adopting children and adding other ministries and responsibilities to my life. I like to think it is God putting those desires in me, even when common sense says that it's nuts. But sometimes...well, it's just plain crazy! :)