Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wonder?

Well everyone... Dan and I will be in an airplane heading over to meet Shea is less than a week!  I'm so sorry to be sooo behind on posting, but as you can imagine "extremely busy" is the understatement of the year around here.

This week will be spent working and preparing to transfer patients over to other therapists, packing, double checking our documents and cash, preparing the kids for our time away....and taking deep breaths!

I'm not really 100% sure if Shea is still "safely" nestled in the baby house (relatively speaking), but if I had to rely on my gutt instincts (no fat pregancy jokes about my gutt people!) I have a sense that he has not been transfered yet. 

I wonder if he has any idea that we are coming??  I wonder what he will think of us?  I wonder if he will be scared?  I wonder if he will understand why we can't take him home after the first trip??  AKA....these are all prayer requests please....

As for mommy... I wonder if he'll like to snuggle?  I wonder if he'll try to test his limits?  I wonder what his leg abilities will be?  I wonder about the health of his bowels and bladder?  I wonder if he'll like daddy more than me?  I wonder how is shunt is.  I wonder about the status of his clubbed feet after casting.

A really big prayer request for you all... our first trip could still fall within the estimated 2-3 week time frame...but due to procedural changes in judge selection some families are up to 4 wks.  I am hoping we won't have to change our return flight date....that would just be more george washingtons we would have to come up with.  Also....I really really really don't want a long first trip...I'm cutting it very close with the time I'm allowed off from work and this could cause big issues... I'm getting more pregnant with each passing week....I have wonderful people caring for my children...but the burden of 3-4 wks instead of 2-3 weeks??? and I will simply miss them terribly.   So please God....we've had our share of bumps along the way...please remove this one from our road, pretty please.

Many other things have also been happening in the midst of all of the adoption hubba balloo....Danielle made us so proud participating in her first special olympics!  Yeah Danielle...!!

Dan heads to Ohio for a few days very soon....another thing to squeeze into our crazy week....
I'm trying to get our veggie garden planted before we leave, so that we don't delay our harvest, but rain is forcasted all week long...bah!

Simon has more kidney screening and a cystogram test on his bladder which will require a cathederization on thursday...poor little man....please wish us luck and a plan of action.  Grow little kidneys, grow....

So, as you can see a very busy month, and we covet your prayers... I will try to update often on our trip.  Ta ta for now. 


  1. Ugh! I had this really long comment all typed out and blogger puked out on me. I'll try again...

    You had better update "often" after you meet Shea. Like every day! If you don't, you are going to start getting spammed! We don't care if it seems like its the same photos every day. I want to see that precious smile of his over and over again.

    I know many of your questions were rhetorical, but I can answer a few. No, he doesn't know you are coming. He won't know until you get to his room. The nannies are only told that day.

    He will LOVE you. I'm pretty confident of that. You seem like fun people and he loves to have FUN!

    Yes, it will probably be tough for both of you when you leave after court. But if the nannies explain it to him properly, he'll be ok.

    And yes, he will LOVE to snuggle!!!

    Oh, Liz, I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about you snuggling with him. It is finally HIS turn! I can.not.wait... I'll be bawling.

    Praying for the super speedy court date for you!

  2. Wishing you guys the best. Hope everything goes well and as easily as possible... please take care of that pregnant body of yours. I know you want to be Super Woman (and you really are) but your body really does need extra kindness right now. ;) *hugs* -Lisa S.