Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sat 28th, day 3 with Shea

here is the traditional girl coat!

veiw from our aptartment here, 4th floor....ohh my legs are tired!

captured for a snuggle

getting braver...he will do it is daddy stands still...but whimpers bc he's frightened if Dan starts to walk around

Hi all,  today was day 3 with Shea.  There were heart jumping moments, and heart wrenching moments.  First off, when I arrived at the grouppa door to retrieve Shea for visitation he was intent with some project...I called into the room...T o m a (pronounced toe - mah, his nickname here).... He looked up, gasped and then cried out mama, mama, mama and hurried out of his chair.  By the time we reached each other I was wrapped up in a sweet hug from my boy.  It was wonderful!  I love going to that room to greet him...however it is very hard to go to that room and leave for play time with only him.  Each time I go other arms wrap around me and exclaim mama, mama...tears usually follow when I leave with only is gut wrenching.  I give the others pats and kisses and as much TLC as I dare to right now in the early phases of getting the nannies to trust me.  The left behind always haunt me....

When I dropped Shea off after our visit he too broke into tears and full fledged crying.  Now quite honestly I think from reading the signs, he wasn't so much upset that we were leaving...but that he had to come inside because he was having soooo much fun outside! 

When we returned for our afternoon visit we had our first dose of Mr Shea, testing the waters.  It was either that he is starting to figure out how much he can get away with, or that he was just very tired.  To give him the benefit of the doubt, that second visit is awfully late in the day, especially when he's getting so much stimulation and outdoor time with us now...always active active active.  He showed some signs of being a "real typical 4 year old".  He was happy as a clam when getting his own way, but whiney and pouty if he didn't get his own way.  Nothing major...just normal kid stuff!  We did get firm with him a few times though...we hate to so early, but we need to set the ground rules early I think.  He seems tough enought to take it!  I still got some great snuzzles and lots of giggling and fun!

Now here in shea's country people do not sit on the ground or the floor, it's a cultural thing.  At our house we seldom sit on furniture!  So...a source of stress is that the nannies are always offering suggestions or blankets etc bc they don't like us playing on the floor.  So if anyone has any suggestinns how to get a kid that plays at high speed, and is non ambulatory to stay put on a blanket...I would love some insight!!! Geesh!  It is pretty much impossible!

also...something is up with his hip.  Lot's of clicking going on...while he's playing and if I range his leg.  Probably a bit of subluxation from his muscular weakness....will put this on the list to get checked when we are home.  Also, the dentist will need a visit too I'm afraid!

Dan and I ate at a local shop tonight.  We had a local dish that was basically chopped pork, pickled carrots, pickles, lettuce and sourcream in a wrap.  It was very yummy, less than 3 dollars US each.  Later my tummy did not respond too well, the meat was very rich and greasy, and I don't think I was used to that.  For about 25 cents US we also tried a drink from a vendor.  They park on the sidewalk and have big metal vats of this beverage that looks like ice tea.  I'm pretty brave and pretty tolerant to new things,....but it did not taste like tea!  It made a thirsty plant nice and happy though as I poured it out when no one was looking.  Lastly we stopped at the market to buy some oranges for the grouppa.

Thank you all so much for your comments and emails, I look forward to them each day.  Homesickness is definitely setting in.  This process is so long.... I can't wait to hold my babes at home....but this is probably harder on me than them :)

PS...he's really starting to mimic our english today!  almost none yesterday, but today he's saying eat, please, thank you, I love you, simon, danielle, nana, papa, mama, daddy and a few others.  Ok...we're usually bribing him to do this with food treats...but it's working!


  1. It makes my cry happy tears as I can just picture and see him "running" to you yelling "mama". And sad tears for the others. That is absolutely the hardest thing about the whole adoption process - hands down! I had to bite my tongue more than once to keep from crying.

    Ya, the floor thing is tough, esp for him. No idea, sorry. I'll let you know if I think of anything.

    Elijah was in pink more than anything. Guess there are a lot more girl clothes donated than boy's clothes!

    (Btw, blogger is still being stupid and not letting me comment the regular way. I have to do the name/url thing.)

  2. So excited to share your journey! Can't wait till all of you are home with us again. Ray is going through Danielle withdrawal :-) I would not be able to do this. Couldn't take one and leave the rest. My heart couldn't take it. Praying for all the details and a safe trip home (both times). See you both soon for hugs. We really miss you when you're gone!!

  3. Dan and Liz,
    I am teary reading this. You two are amazing for what you are doing. You make me want to adopt. Safe travels. Sending you lots of prayers and hope all continues to go well.
    Julie R.