Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wed the 25th

Initial game plan. Free day to run errands and prepare to leave capital city, then be ready to get picked up at 4:00 pm in order to go back to the SDA and formally sign our referrals! Then boarding a train by 8:30 pm to go to Shea’s region…a 15 hour overnight train.

Dan and I were again awake early, but I was thankful that I actually achieved 6 hours of sleep …. So so so much better than 2 ½! We went out on our own for some official errands like exchanging money, buying water for the train, and finding a pharmacy for some medicine. By the way google translator has been so very helpful!

We mozied back to our room by noonish, and were getting ohhhh sooo comfy by taking off our shoes and plopping on the bed in hopes a a catnap after all the walking in the hot sun when our phone rang! It was Niko….thank God we had started our duties early today. “Be ready in 15 min, new early appnt at SDA!, get packed too” We had most of our packing done already and were actually able to leave the suitcases in our apt until 2:30 so that was also a big help.

To those coming behind us…. Be ready for quick changes on a regular basis….they can usually be good….don’t let them ruffle your feathers….we’ve had a few happen already, but they were all positive ones so far….be flexible….I have happily left some of my type A in the US to survive this trip as a pleasant woman!

So off we went to the SDA… all in all we waited for about 45 min, they checked our passports this time and then had us each sign a ledger. We were then handed a thick thick stack of documents that would go to region with us.

Back to the apartment to quickly finish packing up, then by 2:30 we were being driven to a private notary. We spend almost 2 hours there and then rushed over the train station for our 5:50 train! Phew we made it!

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