Sunday, May 22, 2011

We've arrived in Shea's country...

stairs to our apt

Alley to our apt

entrance to apt

teeny tiny elevator, thank God we don't have to use the stairs, we are on the 15th floor!

Shea's bear had a long long he's taking in the view while waiting to meet his new owner...
our building

So we are here!  We arrived about 1:30 in the afternoon and then took a half hour van ride with the Senti family to this region of town. About 5 minutes after settling into our apt I had the joy of a really fun and messy nose bleed!  Then we needed a good nap, followed by a walk to the grocery store where dan and I bought water and a few groceries.  We will be in this location until wednesday evening.  We got a chance to skype with the kids, so that was wonderful.  Please say a prayer for my mom, she has a nasty stomach bug today, good old grandpa steve took over for the day.  Also a prayer for me, as last week my doc wasn't happy with my platelet count, but they had rebounded well by thurs and friday and he happily told me i was "cleared to hit the road".  I just had to promise that I would get follow up labs within a day or two of getting home.  Dan's sore leg is holding up fairly well so far....and we hope that it will continue.  As for Shea...if all goes well we will ride the overnight train wed, and meet him on thursday.....MR Bear is anxious to meet him and finally get a real bear name from his owner :)


  1. Hey, Liz! That was the same apt we stayed in our first time in the capital city! Cool! It's a nice apt, despite what the hallway looks like. :-) Great internet too!

    My mom got a stomach bug too right after we left. :-( Attack, attack, attack...

    Praying for your health and your SDA appt!

  2. Oh wow wow wow!! I'm almost in tears I'm so excited for you! You take care of yourself and that little one in your tummy! Praying that all who are sick feel better very soon and that you get to see him on schedule!! :)

  3. Hey, if I remember right that's the library right in front of your building. We had to go there for internet. So glad you have it in your apartment.

  4. My aunt had sudden nosebleeds, associated with high blood pressure and blood thinners, plus a blood vessel close to the surface. Her doctor advised her to keep sugar packets with her at all times, as sprinkling one on a moistened tissue, then packing the nose with it, shortens the duration very quickly. I've also tried this, and it works!

    But I hope you'll have no more nosebleeds. Your little guy is such a cutie - hope all continues to go well on your adoption journey.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.