Monday, May 23, 2011

Chains rattle...

I've always been one to believe that when "good" is about to occur in our God's spiritual realm, that "bad" will not stand by and let things happen easily.  When "good" has ever been about to happen in my life I seek confirmation of being on the well lighted path if things all of a sudden start to get very bumpy on the road I'm traveling.  If the road is too smooth, with no ruts or detours I fear I have chosen the path that does not frighten the "bad" parts of the spiritual realm.

One of my favorite sermons ever that I replay over and over is by Wes Stafford.  He eloquently tells that when good is about to happen to a forsaken child, satan and his cohorts are in agony bc this is one of the strongest ways to give glory to God.  He describes how the demons rattle the cages, shake their chains and hiss out in defeat when a child is delivered out of persecution and God's angels triumph.  I love that visual! 

Looking back on the week or two that led up to departing for Shea's country, I could honestly say there were some major ruts in my road.  (and praying friends these can all translate into prayer requests too...thank you )

**Bump number one. Until now I haven't mentioned it to many because I was taking time to process it all and didn't quite have time to breathe.  Simon has officially finished his screening, and has been given a secondary diagnosis of autism in addition to his down syndrome.  My mother's analytical thinking actually already knew this, hence the reason I signed him up for screening in the first place.  However when I heard the doctors confirm this, and a moderate case...not borderline to boot I honestly struggled.  It of course won't change who my little boy is, whom I love to the core of my soul.  What is does change for me is the thought of what is future holds for him, and the types of challenges he will need to overcome.  I have a wonderful support network, but know that I am still in an adjustment phase here.  I felt that I didn't have time to properly settle in to this idea bc I was so overwhelmed with preparing to leave for this trip... I guess the fact that I am blogging at 3:30 in the morning means I am now doing some "processing"

**Bump number two.  We had a fun day of cystodynamic testing with urology for simon as well.  Praises that he doesn't show spasticity of the bladder or renal reflux which can cause long term detrimental effects!  The outcome was that he was diagnosed after his catheder studies with a weak or insufficient bladder neck and sphinter.  Long term...this means he will always have issues with bathroom control bc of his spinal abnormality.  This diagnosis doesn't have a quick pharmacuetical fix, but is also less harmful to the inner anatomy.  There is a chance of corrective surgery in the future when he is older and bigger.  Yes this was all within 48 hours of leaving the country.

**Bump number three.  Thursday I received a call from my obgyn stating there was an "issue" with my lab results from wednesday, and that I needed to complete 2 to 3 additional tests and have another obgyn appnt (this would be the third in 4 days) before I was cleared to leave, and later I learned it was  IF I was cleared to leave on saturday morning for my trip. problem, I have TONS of free time to get this all done in the 2 days before this major adoption project begins...let me at it right?  I of course was working that day driving home to home for my PT homecare job and also had to get simon to strong for his tests....and they wanted me to collect a 24 hour urine specimin for them, chilled!  So you can guess who ended up driving to the closest hospital in Newark and begging the lab for a large collection jug, as I did not have any time to get back to Thompson.  Proceeded to drive home a bit later, load a cooler with ice and travel the rest of day with a chilled jug of urine in my trunk!  NO LAUGHING.... a mom must do what a mom must do!  Friday I learned that for some reason, probably a bad draw, that my platelet count was reading 80 when I usually sit above 200.  By friday's retest I was back up to the high 100' I was given the doctors blessing to "get out of town".  I do have to go back for more lab work and an appnt within 48 hours of being problem...plenty of apare time in my life.  By the way, baby is moving fine and thinking this is all quite hilarous, except for those airline descents which he/she consistantly hated.

**Bump number 4.  On the tuesday before leaving there was a day of emotional rollercoaster in our home.  Within an 8 hour time frame we thought Simon would have to be pulled out of his program at SHC for a different summer school option due to regulation issues.  I was beside myself...and the SHC staff were as well.  After a bazillion phone calls this issue was resolved in a way, and now our boy is back to SHC for the summer.

Bump number 5.  Less than 24 hours after leaving, my mom who has the kids on weekend suffered through and incredible stomach bug that left her reeling.

So...  I would say my dear Shea that we are one the well lit track, the "good" track, the track where glory to God will be found, and the fatherless will be given justice!  Those chains are rattling, and a few hisses are being sounded bc the "bad" guys know they are about to be defeated!  My bumps in the road are not easy...but they are confirmation.  AMEN!


  1. when this is all done and Shea is safe at home I will tell you about a dream I had a few months back...prayer is a powerful tool God gives us for bumps in the road. Love Mom

  2. Oh Liz... if those aren't signs that you are on the right track...
    I'm praying for you and all of your bumps(including little "bump" Kulp!). Hugs!!

  3. Holy cow, Liz! Definitely some cages shaking and chains rattling! Praying for a smoother road from here on out. (Maybe you'll see some turkeys down in region. LOL)

    I'll admit that our process with Elijah was pretty smooth for whatever reason. Not a lot of attacks (that I remember anyway). This time around? Not so smooth...could be worse of course, but nevertheless, bumpy! Don't you love it though that since we are on God's side, we ALWAYS win! Praise Jesus! :-)

  4. Liz.I have been anxiously watching your blog and praising God that you are finally in EE and will soon be meeting sweet Shea. You don't Know me..other than the lady who snuck pictures of Shea in December when I was there with Jill. Your son is one of those little boys who jumped right into the depths of my heart. He has a joyful spirit that resonates in that devastating place. He absolutely LOVES his picture being taken!! I wish I could be a fly on the wall there to see your story unfold in person. By the son and his wife are adopting from EE now as well. My grandson's Reecesrainbow name is Antonio. God is so awesome!!!!! Debbie Gibson

  5. Goodness Liz! What a time you've had. Your blog is amazing. I've been praying for you and thinking of you often. Jessica Pritchard