Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Shea...

We met Artiom / Shea for the first time on Thursday morning! Our first meeting was only 10 minutes or less and it was in a small hallway area, everyone standing, no chairs etc so it wasn’t exactly cozy and comfy but it sure was fun!

The nanny came out carrying him and he was smiling. They said he knew we were coming today and was very excited. No one knew, or could tell me how long he knew about getting a mama and papa, but he did not seem nervous or scared at all!

I talked to him for about 20 seconds, then put out my arms and he easily came to me. He is lighter and smaller than simon. I’m guessing 3T clothing probably? Maybe some 4T in shirts. He saw the toys that we brought right away and was asking about them. The teddy bear we gave him soon became a toy that he would place on dan’s head, dan would shake it off, make funny noises and Shea would giggle hysterically. When the bear was placed on mama’s head apparently I didn’t comply quickly enough so shea put one of his little hands on each side of my head and shook my head for me so that the mr bear game would continue!
We then went on to nose beeping, and the like…We had him stand for us while holding onto a bench, and he was very proud! Then we were told we must hurry to complete more paperwork today and that we could come back for 2 hours in the evening. So - we left promising him we would be back soon. I don’t think it could have gone better if we had tried.

Since then we are allowed 2 visitations a day. 10-noon and 4-6 pm. We have learned so much about him so far.

Socially - he loves loves loves cars and trucks! All other things pale in comparison. He is also a builder with blocks etc and has a love for anything technological. If he spots our camera’s, video or laptop he insists on using them…and he actually gets the hang of things pretty quickly. He loves his daddy’s silly games and faces. He loves when mommy spins him and flys him like an airplane. He giggles A LOT!! So much giggling that sometimes we have to stop because he can barely breathe! I would say he is very happy to have a mama and papa now. He is starting to give kisses now…and has developed a strange yet wonderful action of wanting to kiss my legs and feet! I’ve also caught him sniffing me in deeply a few times. How awesome! Simon and Danielle…I miss you soooo much, and can’t wait to get you all in the same room.

Physically - As we knew from the waist down his legs are pretty small. They did a good job correcting his club feet. He has lots of hip motion and some knee control. He is not able to control his feet. He can sit on a chair without back support well. He get into and can play in kneeling. He even squats sometimes if holding on to something, and today for a few seconds he got into a sqaut, let go and maintained his position for about 8 seconds! He can’t stand or walk without holding on to things, but he can walk if pushing something sturdy like a cozy coach car etc. He can climb the ladder to a slide if I stablize his feet on the rungs, he does the rest by himself. Tunnels are not a problem for him. His fastest mode of mobility is on all fours, progressing both legs at once. I wish my pictures and video would upload on this internet connection so you could see his motivation! Wait until we get him the proper equipment! Watch out, here he comes!

He does have issues with bowel and bladder control. (nothing new in our house!) His shunt is palpable on the
left side of his head and down his neck.

Language    He is a chatter box in Russian! Today we got him to mimic a few English words like mama, daddy, car, guitar, music. He understands all Russian that is spoken to him. He communicates to us through pointing and facial expression too. He fusses when visitation time is over and we need to take him back to his grouppa. I’m sad to see him upset…but pleased that I know we are the preference right now. I also was encouraged when I had to leave him for a few minutes with Dan to use the ladies room, and found out he had been asking for me while I was gone J

He seems like one smart cookie!  His fine motor control is good.  He does need to learn how to drink from a straw!  OK...this is getting long, and I've probably lost half of my readers by now!  Until tomorrow :)


  1. LOST us?? I want to know MORE!!! How blessed you are are!:) His SB sounds like a wonderfully minor case!! PRAISE THE LORD! I am so excited for you and him. I am so proud and blessed to be able to send prayers and $ to this rescue. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  2. OH MY!!! Hanging on your every word!!! My fingers can't type fast enough! He sounds like he's doing more wonderful than I ever dreamed!!! WOW! I'm not kidding - what an amazing report!! He sounds brilliant - especially for the conditions he's been in - no therapies or parents - and he's socially fantastic! What a miracle. I just can't get over how happy he was to meet you. That is such a blessing. Such a huge blessing!! I'm so happy for you guys. I'm just shaking right now - I can't even believe it. I'm so happy he has you. You're there!!! He's meeting you and likes you!! I just can't stop typing! lol! Thank you thank you for this update! Keep 'em coming! Pictures soon!!

  3. Silly girl! You could type a post 10x as long and I would still read it all over and over. :-) YAY YAY YAY!!! I'm SOOOOO excited for all of you!!! I've waited over 5 months for this post!!! Praise God for answering prayers!

    And the machinas (cars) and technology stuff...I'm not the least bit surprised. :-)

    God has big plans for his life! He IS brilliant and I can totally see him making a big difference in this world!

  4. I cried through the entire post. I was reading out loud to my 15 year old daughter who was crying also. We are so happy for Shea!

  5. You didn't lose me! I LOVED every word. Thank you. thank you for that wonderful update. I didn't expect to be crying through your entire update. It was so wonderful and so real and I and just SO VERY happy for him. You saved him and you love him so very much. He sounds AMAZING and I just couldn't be happier. So many of us feel in love with him last year and our hearts couldn't be happier that he has found his forever family.

    Thank you again for such a thorough update. We continue to pray for you and your safe return as a family.

    Best of luck -

    Mom to Jack (6), Benjamin (4) and Annabelle (almost 2 - has SB)

  6. This is so amazing and you are such a blessing in his life! More words, please! MORE! I will read as long as you have more to share! Thank you so much for being the miracle so many of us were praying for.

  7. AWWW! Liz I love you guys so much! I can't wait to meet him!!!!! He sounds adorable! And even if your post was 10 pages long, I'd keep reading! I'm praying everything continues to go well!!! <3

  8. Oh my! How wonderful!!!
    You could go on and on and I'd hang onto every word! Well, the ones I could see once I stopped crying! How fantastic!
    I can't wait to read more!

  9. AWESOME!!! There is no way you could have lost me there :-) I'm so excited to meet my new little cousin and I'm so glad he's such a happy boy!

  10. soooo happy for you. I can read the love overflowing in your words. What an awesome little boys. He sounds like he is doing so well and for this long on his own really, imagine how he'll soar with loving parents. Like my other fellow SB mommies have said, he sounds very high functioning in regards to that. fantastic news all the way around. I'm sure those two hour blocks can't come fast enough and go too quickly. Here's to a time soon where there's no watching the clock to see your sweet boy!!!!

  11. You didn't lose anybody! Shea sounds like he is doing fabulous and is in such wonderful hands!
    I'm so excited for you guys. What a lucky little boy.

  12. Wonderful reading your post! Your Seneca Castle UMC family prays for you and yours!!! God's Blessings on all of you. Hugs, Val DeLeo
    PS Glad his fine motor is good!!! :-)