Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SDA - check! (still in the country's capital)

Our SDA appnt took a total of (drum roll please) 7 minutes from the time we started until we walked out the door.  They asked us for our passports but didn't look at them.  The only question they asked of us is what we did for a living...I guess being a youth director and and PT was good enough for them today bc that was the end of it!  We each signed our name and were done.  The staff and officials seemed very rushed today, which worked in our favor I think.  We were told that Shea HAS NOT been transferred!  Praises! 

Shea also has a biological sister who was abandoned as well, we were told she is in the same orphanage.  We wanted to know what to expect with all of this, so S called M in region.  M said that his sister was born in 2009, and already adopted out of the orphanage by a ukranian couple.  We feel sad that they are being seperated.... but relieved at the same time that we don't have to think about if WE would be the ones to split up siblings or not.  S told us we will learn more about the biological parents and sister when we get to region.  No info today on his parents or the abandonment.  We were shown a younger picture of him, and we were able to swap it for a current one that I had in my photobook for a little bit of history.  We did not learn anything new about his medical status that we hadn't already known.

So what's next?  Tomorrow afternoon N will pick us up and we go back to SDA to pick up the referrals.  We will move out of this apt and bring all of our luggage with us.  Then the Senti's will head out by train a bit after 6, and we head out a bit after 8 pm.  I'm told our train ride to Shea's region will be approx 13 -14 hours long on a sleeper train....about 200 US, but I think we have some change coming.

Please pray for the B family.  They had an appnt today and expected to get a referral for 2 daughters who were siblings...but a problem has come up and only one is released....a difficult situation.

We have to wait a handful of days to find out when our court date with the judge is.  Please continue to pray for a fast notification and a short wait between today and court.

In regards to non business "stuff"....jet lag and baby bump symptoms got the worst of me last night and I only slept between the hours of 1am and 3:30 am.  I felt fine at the appnt, but on the way home started to feel very motion sick again.  I came straight home and took a power nap for about an hour and a half...and bless his soul, my hubby is so supportive that he thought he should take a nap too!  After waking I messed around on google translator and got prepared to take a taxi to the botanical gardens.  Dan stayed back to get some groceries and stay cool...it's above 80 again.  I had a nice time strolling liesurely through the gardens and resting in shade often.  There are so many hills here...!  I made it there and back with no problems and bartered until a driver gave me a price I liked.  I bought Shea once of those expanding balls (like the one judy and vinny have) for shea from a street vendor.  Tonight we plan on having Ukranian food for dinner rather than grocery store food.  Wish us luck!

Thanks again to all who have been emailing, commenting etc.... it is a great support and in a way our form of entertainment when we are in the apartment. 

st andrews church, right next to sda

statue right in front of sda...this was 9:57 ish and I was trying to keep calm...  we were starting late!


  1. You guys are so cute in your photo!! Enjoy the train ride. It may be a sauna until you get moving, but should cool of nicely after that.

  2. You are amazing. I am reliving our adoptions everyday as I read your blogs. Best wishes for a safe train ride. You are in my prayers.