Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wed june 1st, hail and floods

a long ride home tonight... will rent a gondola tomorrow!

shea and daddy stayed occupied for a long time sending machinas down the slide!  (yes I know I shouldn't let him W sit...but he was having so much fun I was a softy for a few minutes)

I knew I should have packed my bathing suit!
Business first... we have completed another day and still do not have an official court date.  The update that we do have is that our facilitator did talk with the judge today and he's requesting an additional day before giving us a date to further review our documents.  Remember how this country is on a new system of assigning judges to cases that is computerized now?  Well this means that instead of a few experienced adoption judges doing all of the cases in each region...cases are now randomly assigned to judges regardless of the content. So.... this is our judge's FIRST adoption case, and he wants to get more familiar with things.  We were told that court could still happen friday or monday...but we don't really know.  By noon on thursday they told our facilitator they would give her some word...  keep praying please.   I really want to get onto the next step here...which means getting home to my simon and danielle sooner...which means coming back and getting my shea home sooner!

As for today...we had visitations as normal.  Shea's stitches look good, clean, not oozing.  He does have a bit of a shiner...  Today was a big child protection celebration day.  When we arrived we saw a performance happening that many of the kids took part in... I don't think any of the special needs grouppas were involved from the looks of it...but we took Shea and casually walked by and were invited in to watch so he really enjoyed that.  They should have given him some lines...he would have done GREAT!  Each child was given a bananna and some candy to celebrate the holiday, and there were nice decorations put up around the building.

He has moved on to flashcards each day with mommy...loves looking at the picture and then copies each english word with me.  He can't identify them himself yet in english...but has no hesitation repeating things back to me now.

During our evening visit there was a downpour for about an hour, thunder and lightening...(he covered his ears...very cute) and then really crazy hail for about 10 minutes.  The power at the orphanage went out at 5 pm and didn't return by the time we left after 6...we'll have to see if it's back by tomorrow.  Our trip home took triple the time because of road flooding, detours and traffic jams. 

That is the jist of today... I'll close with these thoughts.  You all know that I have resigned to the fact that details on this trip are out of my control... I'm ok with that :)   I have realized that there are 2 things that are very much in control of this trip!   1) = GOD   2) = my bladder!!!   enough said!   bye bye

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  1. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You guys are awesome. Shea is so cute and he looks so happy!!
    Julie R