Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Officially Shea Matthew Kulp!.... relief!

Monday, June 6thwas Court Day! Our driver is scheduled to arrive at 9:30 for our visitation with Shea. By 9:10am we received the call that we could leave our suitcases in the apartment, wear non court clothes and go see our boy for the last visit of this trip. We were asked to then be ready for our next pickup at the apartment by 1:00. Hmmm, we did the math. If we did our full visit until noon with Shea, got back to the apartment by 12:30 barring any traffic problems, that would give us 30 min to hike all those stairs, eat, get presentable for court, and haul our luggage back down all those stairs. Dan and I decided this would be cutting it to close for comfort so we said goodbye to Shea at 11:30 on this day.

Saying goodbye to him was a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, to me it signifies the next step in the process and being a little closer to having this adventure complete…with him in my home. On the other hand, I’m so looking forward to holding Simon and Danielle…. But will certainly worry about Shea while away from him.

As for Shea, he handled it all well. He was cheerful and did not have tears or anguish! He was actually quite distracted by his shovel and bucket as we were giving him his goodbye talk. They all say he’s understanding what’s happening….but how much can a 4 ½ really process?? I’m not sure. I held it together and was strong…until saying goodbye to the little boy in his grouppa with CP. I’m so afraid that by the time I return, he will have been transferred to the institution. They tell me it will happen shortly…does that mean a week? A month? ½ a year? I have no way of knowing right now.

He grabbed me and hugged and hugged….he looked into my eyes and then hugged more. We did this for probably a full minute or more - I think the nannies must have wondered what this was all about…. While wanting to hold him much longer, we peeled ourselves away and waited at “the gate” for our driver to arrive….trying not to look back.

Readers…. If any of you have had adoption in the back of your mind…is it time to bring it to the front? I know, I know…. Not enough time, energy, money, skill, and on and on…..Dan and I have all these same fears and limits….but what I do know is the yearning I could feel from this boy…. The warm sweet breath on my cheek….his “mama, mama” repeated over and over…. I pray that someone gets brave very soon and says YES for the sake of this little one who is breaking my heart.

Will I miss Shea? Yes, of course I will…. But in my mind I know he is now safe. No institution for Shea! TODAY he became Shea Matthew Kulp!! Today he became our son! I know there is hope for him…and this brings me great joy! For the little man I’ve mentioned above… his hope is fading….. So my friends you see how conflicted my heart is.
Regardless, I’ve promised the details of court…I will tell the nitty gritty after I get a shower, a meal and a rest… it is actually june 7th now and we are back in Kyiv, and have a couple of hours before our consulate appnt…

Love - Dan and Liz (thankful for ALL the prayers of support)


  1. Congratulations & praise God! So glad to hear Shea is officially a Kulp and that by the time you read this you'll be on your way back to hug Simon and Danielle.

  2. YAY!!! So happy that Shea is now an OFFICIAL member of the Kulp family!

  3. we are so excited and happy for your family. may God continue to bless you. Congratulations!!!

  4. God IS good. Can't wait to meet Shea in person. Because of your wonderful blog, I feel like we know him already. You and Dan are such wonderful writers. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with all of us. Dorothy Caswell

  5. Please tell us more about Sheas friend. Is he on RR. Let us know so we can pray over him and advocate for him. So happy that Shea is now YOUR son! Thank you, for saving him, on behalf of all of the SB moms who love him too!:)

  6. Is the little boy on RR? And did you get to see Camille (her RR name) by any chance??? Oh what I would give for ANY news of her!

  7. Yay! Hurry home so you can hurry back! And please do let us know about Shea's friend - is it Alex from RR?

  8. Congratulations! Praying the waiting period flies by and you're home together before you know it!

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adopiton Ministry

  9. We are praying for you all during this wonderful journey!