Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in action...

The long gap in posts was my time home for the appeal.  Now I'm writing to you from the capital city again.  We got here with fairly smooth big problems anyway, some minor bumps in the road (ie pray for mom and dad who are recovering from a short case of food poisoning from lunch at the philly airport, but doing much better now )

This time around Dan is at home keeping it all going with the kids, last days of school, md appnts....etc etc... Please pray that he has the stamina to "survive" until I get back home, and that he has a low stress, full of fun couple of weeks without me!  ( I'll come home as soon as possible dan, I promise!)

My parents have come on this trip with me, which I am so thankful for.  Being on 4th and 5th floors of apt buildings without elevators, with luggage, eventually a 4 1/2 year old who can't walk and being 7+ months now would have gotten pretty tricky by myself!...especially on the trip home.

So the dad's in my life are having a pretty unique fathers day this year...that is for sure! Thank you guys!

Our father's day dinner!
To summarize, we have been in this city since about 1:00 sunday afternoon, and by 4 am monday morning our driver should be here to take us to our flight to Shea's region.  Because we were able to book the flights last week instead of buying train tickets in a peak season yesterday it is actually cheaper to fly this time, thank goodness!  We are told that on monday we will be able to do visitations, and tuesday morning early we start take two of the paperchase adventure.  Monday the offices are closed for some reason, but they wanted us here and settled so we would take no chances missing appnts etc on tuesday am.  It is nice to have that one day to recover from travel a bit...let my kankles from yesterday return back to a recognizable state and see Shea before we hit the ground runnin'.

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  1. Thank goodness you don't have to take the train down. ;) Hope you encounter smooth sailing this next week.