Monday, June 27, 2011

first embassy day...(sb moms - question for you in the last photo please)

my son reminding me that God has the whole world in his hands....

Today was our first of two embassy days.  Shea and mommy went solo because it was pouring rain and windy and my parents wouldn't have been allowed in the building bc of security etc.  I also left the stroller home bc I knew with all of the stairs on this trip and needing to get through the metal detectors etc etc it would be easier for just today to travel without it.  Shea wore my poncho and we tried not to get blown away by the wind!  No photos of this's not allowed at the embassy...and it was too wet and difficult to try to take them anyway.  Once there the appointment went smoothly and Shea was perfectly behaved!  He sat like such a good and patient boy!  (now to figure out how to get him to be so good on the potty!...he really doesn't like it...he will do much better once home on a potty chair I'm sure)  For families coming behind was 404$ US today for this step....and filling out your forms ahead of time is really would have been so stressful to try to fill them out while there in my opinion...especially if you are alone...

So the business of the day went very well...I was whooped by the end though...3 flights in and out of this building...the taxi was 1/2 an hour late so we took shelter in the tunnel where we could see the taxi arrive, but still be out of the rain...also a delay in the van that would take myself and another family back to our apartments after...we took shelter in a grocery store as many others did to escape the downpours.  Lets just say I was glad to get back into the apt today!

By late afternoon...the apartment was again getting we all put on our sneakers and headed out for a walk in the rain...which had decreased to a "moderate" soaking by this time...we tackled some crazy hills, outdoor ramps and stairways and got a healthy dose of exercise and came home looking like wet noodles...except of course for shea who was dry as a bug in a rug with his rain protected stroller shield...thank you again maria c!!

The electricity has been hit or miss has never fully gone out, but it is not strong enough to power the microwave right now, and we have no we had a classic "EE tourist dinner" tonight, ie pb and j, cup o soup, apples etc... shea thouroughly enjoyed every bite!

more future blackmail material!

whooey...I'm not sure how I feel about this toothpaste taste yet mamma!

he certainly knows how to ham it up on cue for the camera...

this apartment is certainly not child oriented or disability oriented...he needs both hands to stand...and both hands to do his self we get creative!  The bathroom I'm trying to potty train in is literally about 4x4 (which the toilet takes up most of!)...hmmm shea who needs support...nothing to hold except mommy or the toilet...mommy is 7 1/2 mo prego...gets pretty darn interesting.... !!

this is his spinal scar...there are also some abnormalities further down...but it's a family show here!  Spina Bifida moms...chime in...does this look typical...or is the scar tissue pretty keloid or hypertrophic like??  what are your thoughts?


  1. Zachary's is very keloid looking as well. Our neurosurgeon did not seem concerned by it. His is different shaped than Shea's, but looks very very similar.

  2. That is a way pretty scar compared to my Nat's.... Nat's is MUCH larger and jagged :)

    I am glad that you are so much closer to bring Shea home and that he will always get the care he needs. Bless you!

  3. Reagan's scar is so much bigger and uglier. Hers runs horizontal and is jagged like the front of Charlie Brown's tshirt. Her SB is on L4 we have now been told.