Friday, June 3, 2011

photos from june 2nd and 3rd

such simple pleasures.... (aka no wonder he loves us...we bring him treats!)

He knows the word for "grape" now and says it without prompting...he loves do we...look how big they are!

Grandma Kulp...I brought him that lacing kit you got us for christmas...SORRY...  why would you lace a pattern when you could tie all your "machinas" on this awesome string!  Again...simple pleasure....  I think we need to find a hot wheels ramp!  Aunt that tractor trailor full of match box cars is going to be put to constant use!

making silly faces for daddy

typical scene from our street...didn't want to offend her so snapped this shot on the sly

double trouble

this beautiful window is in shea's can't tell that it is missing many pieces, also this is one of the many areas that leaked and flooded into the interior of the building during this weeks hail and rain storms....

Mama...I'm not looking at you...I'm not looking at you... :)

Shea is pampering mama by putting lotion on my legs for me.  He is very concerned about my bug bites...he hates bugs!


  1. I'm sure you already know this but he is SO ADORABLE!! I love his little face. He seems so much bigger than his original picture. I am just so happy he will be your baby very soon.

    PS - this is what my boys do with all our lacing card strings :-0 BOYS!

  2. So So So sweet! I just love these updates. I love how you tell things and I love his sweet face and I love that you're with him everyday now. :) Praying for Monday!

  3. He is really such a cute little boy!

  4. We are praying for you. We are so happy to hear you have a court date and will be home soon.
    Can't wait to meet Shea! Love, Nicole

  5. He's a cutie! Can't wait to see all of you home together. Please be sure to join us "After the Rainbow"!

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reeces Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry