Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wed 22nd...the paper chase continues!

these critters are everywhere! so we might as well play with them!  Some of them are super big!

stray dogs are as common here as squirrels are at home it seems...and they travel in packs, but so far all are friendly

shopping in style....much more fun this way...

buying bannanas for the grouppa
Wednesday 22nd…the paperchase continues
Today was another busy one… first stop with my driver was picking up Luda then we headed to the orphanage for a 9 am meeting with the orphanage atourney. ( which of course started at 9:20 typical ukranian time ) That was completed by 10. I received Shea’s baptismal certificate from the local orthodox church that also had a small cross necklace, this will be a special keep sake for us. The orphanage has all the children baptized. I received the needed paperwork to close down his government bank account and transfer the money back to them, the permission to release him from the orphanage on the day our passport comes and permission to take his “orthopedic shoes” and night time leg splints with us when we leave. Next we were supposed to head off to the social workers office in the city to get additional papers we would need for our bank visit. In Ukranian time frame style…the social worker was not ready for us and we needed to wait an extra hour, but that was fine with me because it allowed me to do a short morning visitation with Shea, and we also met the Silva family today (adopting noah).

Once we made it to the social workers office we then headed all the way back to the region of the orphanage to complete the banking work. I also managed to buy some cherries from a street vendor in the process. They were very yummy, but after a few I noticed a worm in one, then the next, then the next…. So I think I may have accidentally gotten a little extra protein today, blaaaahhhk.

Once the bank papers were complete we headed back to the orphanage for two more signatures and then I headed back to the apartment and met up with my parents.

The evening visitation was nice, cooler, and we did a play date with the Silvas. Shea enjoyed cars, pegs, treats, and sliding snails down the slide! I am proud to say that he is now easily saying grandma and grandpa….rolling his R’s the whole time….I hope he doesn’t loose that little trait. He also said simon without being prompted when looking at a photo today….that was a joy!

From now until passport arrival there is no paper chasing thank goodness. I just have to get started on my embassy paperwork to have that done in time for our appointment. We will re enter the phase of 2 daily 2 hour visitations.
My ankles are quite a bit better, a little ouchy still…but much much better, thank you all for your kind words and prayers.


  1. Joy! Has anyone mentioned that he resembles you? I see it in the snail/slide picture with you in the background. . .

  2. How is your internet speed this time? Can you please post a video of him talking? I miss his little voice so much! I still think of him every time I hear a little one jabbering away in Russian here. :-) That's great he is picking up on so many names. So smart that little one is!