Monday, June 20, 2011

His little mind processing

Our flight into region went wonderfully and it was such a relief to not have to ride the overnight train this time. I’m so thankful to have found such cheap rates…. I wonder if we can make that work on the way back to the capitol city too? Also my travel sickness has been conquered by a safe OTC med that my obgyn suggested.

As soon as we got back to region our driver artur picked us up. We had a few wrinkles in regards to getting an appropriate apartment, but with a few phone calls that was shortly resolved and I’m very happy with where we are staying this time, considering we have 3 adults now. Most of all….there are only about 10 stairs or so to access this apt, and my body really needed that right now… much better.
It is very hot during the day, but has been cooling down and raining at night. No AC in the apt this time, but lots of windows and 2 fans…so we’re cooling it down well. In fact I’m at peace listening to the rain right now as I write. At home my kiddies have probably been off the bus for about 45 minutes…

Dan is a great daddy, continue to lift him up - that he has a fun week, with unexplainable energy and stamina. I’m sure he will start to get worn out.

So, what you’ve all been waiting for. Yes we did get to visit Shea today…our first visit was cut a bit short because I had to do some paperwork at court as soon as I dropped off my luggage at the apt. I let mom and dad take a nap to catch up from our jet lag and then we were off and running after I was finished up at the courthouse.

Shea was already outside when we arrived, and I’m not sure the nannies had realized I was coming today. My first observation was that he was not wearing tights! Hallelujah!
My second observation was that my buddy with CP was not to be found….. All the other children from shea’s groupa were accounted for. I’m praying that maybe he was with the nurse, or in a PT session….but I did not see him in the afternoon either…. I’m very frightened that he was transferred while we were away. Please pray for this little man who so longs for love and physical touch and either will soon, or has already faced institutionalization. That is all I will write for now on this matter……

As I was studying my son’s bare legs, checking out a few bug bites, and a few scars that I hadn’t seen before (all probably from his club foot corrections ) I noticed that he was studying us! The reaction was not his normal giggle, stand up, smile and call out MAMA! He was studious…. And looked like…hey I know you, but who are these other two with you? I can only imagine what was going through his mind…. Where’s daddy?? What’s happening next?? Are you giving me to this other nice couple you have brought with you?? No worries though, bc within one snack, pulling a new toy out of the backpack and 10 minutes later my old shea had come back to me, giggles, cuddles and all.

Shea loves his grandparents that’s for sure! He also recalled his English word for Daddy as we looked through pictures…I can tell he’s waiting to see his Daddy someday really soon. Shea was won over by the treats and toys brought by grandma, and the man play and sound effects from grandpa!

So tomorrow is a busy paperwork day. I leave at 7:45 am to head towards his birth city in order to transfer the birth certificate…one of the first steps needed to acquire the passport. Our facilitator this time is Luda. She thinks there is a chance we will be heading back to the capitol city by friday, but wants us to be prepared for Monday as a realistic option also. Gotcha day will be no earlier than Friday as it stands now.

2 prayer requests…there are a few official holidays that are spread out over the next few weeks here in this country….lets hope our timing works out just perfectly so that the offices we need fall on actual work days to eliminate any delays.

Also…I officially have kankles, very swollen feet and swollen toes. They are not so comfortable shall we say….and with all the walking, heat and appnts etc it’s very hard to get them elevated for any length of time during the day….please pray that this magically resolves for me…or at least that it doesn’t cause pain any more. Thanks!


  1. YAY! So glad to hear you are back. Bummer I'm so close, but yet SO far away from meeting you guys! SOO glad you don't have steps to your apt this time. Whew...and I will definitely pray about your ankles. I know how painful they can be. (I had a July & August baby.) I wondered if I could get stretch marks on my toes...

  2. Oh, and I have a lump in my throat thinking about the little one w/ CP...keep me posted, ok?