Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is MASHA....

I'm asking you all to pray.  Yesterday a family who is in Shea's orphanage adopting their own daughter gave an update.  A girl named Masha was scheduled for transfer to the mental institution next week.  She is 4 years old.  She does not have a family coming for her.... her outlook is dire.

My heart aches for Masha, and at the same time I have fear over our Shea.  Having a family helps decrease the chance of transfer, but does not guarantee it.  I was told by someone in country, that if transfer plans were in place for Shea it wouldn't happen until his casts came off, because they don't have the means to remove them in the institution.  As a PT, I had told many people that I wished they had left his feet alone until he was home, so we could fix them properly at Strong once he was home.  I also keep worrying about his skin integrity, and if they are managing the casts properly to avoid wounds or infection.  Now, I am praying thanks over those casts... they may be the thing that secures his spot in the baby house for a while longer.

I have contacted our facilitator to find out if the orphanage director has gotten word that Shea's CSP's are in place and that we are coming.  I contacted our social worker who was going to mail our homestudy "soon" after she finished up with a out of town conference she was attending - explained our situation again, and she agreed to overnight it to us today.  As soon as I get it, a copy will be overnighted to USCIS, making our application complete.

A final comment, a few children have been transferred to the mental institution while their family was in process.  Some were released, some were not....   we lift this all up to God.  Also please pray for Eddie another 4 year old in Shea's orphanage, I'm not sure if he has a family or not.  Pray also for Regan, she has already been transferred and her family is in country right now....and having a very hard time getting the director of the mental institution to release her to them....please pray for a softening of heart for this official.


  1. Oh that picture just breaks my heart. :( We will be praying for her and the other sweet children at the orphanage. And of course our hearts are lifted up in prayer for Shea - that he stays put until you can get to him! It's all so scary to think about - but I know you are doing everything you can including giving it all over to God - and that is the biggest thing we can all do right now. Praying and pleading that God protects our sweet Shea and his friends until they can be given a home. Much love - Joanna

  2. oh my heart breaks reading this. I will be praying hard for all of these children and so thankful that Shea will be having you to come home to!!!

  3. You know I'm praying for your sweet boy! Yes, thank God for those miserable casts!