Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the dossier

ALL of our documents are back from Albany!!!!...

Have to go through all of them and do the final proof on the apostilles, then we wait.

The very last thing we need in regards to paperwork....is the I 171 from immigration.  It could be here tomorrow, it could be 2 weeks from now....no way to know at this time.

Once that arrives we will use Fed Ex and send it all over (the dossier) to Shea's country along with the 500$ translation fee.  The first packet we sent there cost over 100$ and it had 14 documents.  This one has many more.... hopefully the rate won't go up too much!

Need to kick up the gear on the speed of our work down stairs....Shea will be home before we know it.  Our tile is now finished thanks to Mike H!  Thanks!!!

Had another OB appnt today.  The doc is trying to convince me to go with an induced labor so they can control the situation better in theory giving me an easier labor, hence less stress for my pacemaker to deal with.... hmmmm I'm not so sure.  I would rather just let nature take it's course in regards to timing (use the pain meds for sure).  From stories I've heard I'm not sure induced labors are easier?!  The doctor kept mentioning we could have it all done during the day so that things went smoothly....hmmmm I don't know about all of that.  Kind of ruins the element of surprise.  Will have to think on it and talk to my cardiologist.

No other major events today, normal hum drum... until later.  


  1. Yea Liz - definitely talk to more docs and think on this more. Maybe it would be easier for the DOCs. Induced labors are definitely NOT easier and the Pitocin and epidural can complicate things. (not that I'm against epidurals!) If you're at a good hospital, like Strong, then they should be able to deal with you regardless of the time of day. I would ask your doc a lot more questions to make him explain HOW it would be easier and clarify. I'm suspicious that it's not necessary! You don't want to wind up needing a c-section because your body wasn't ready or whatever...

  2. Yeah - I've never known an induced labor to run smoothly actually. Not saying they can't - just haven't hear of one. They can end up in c-sections a lot. Not that c-sections are the end of the world - I had one and I survived. But it was necessary and planned. To go through labor and THEN have to have surgery. blah. Not ideal at all. I'll be praying for you - that you'll have wisdom and peace with the decision you make. SO glad all the paperwork is working out! I can't wait for little Shea to be home with you!!!!

  3. Woo-hoo!!!! Great news about having all the documents back! Praying the Golden Ticket comes SOON!!! Did you tell your officer that your prints were done? Praying for that non-transfer miracle too.

    I would agree with Lisa and Joanna that induced labors are not necessarily easier. Especially since it's your first, you don't know how your body is going to react. I'm a big fan of letting nature run it's course (but I was induced 2 out of 5 times but not with picotin, so it was much milder).

    You know what I can't wait for??? Pictures of Shea holding your new baby! Oh, I can just picture his HUGE smile now. What a blessing!!!! :-)

  4. Yeah. What they said! Let the baby pick it's birthday. Being your first labor, it will likely be a slow, long process and all involved will have plenty of time to do what needs to be done with regards to your pacemaker. (Didn't realize that - more prayers!) Pitocin is great for women who truly need it - but I think too many doctors try to turn a natural process into a medical procedure for their convenience.

  5. Liz.... I hope you and the doctors can come up with a safe plan for you and your baby. I was induced with the twins.... it was very difficult. I was at 39 weeks and they didn't want me to go any further because we knew William would have more issues. Anyway, I won't go into details and it was my first and only labor... so I have nothing to compare it to but it was not quick to say the least. It did not end in a c-section though. Of course I have actually heard of inductions going very smoothly especially with early epidurals. I think whatever plan keeps you and the baby safe if the best one!!!
    Can't wait to see you guys again!!