Monday, February 28, 2011

Golden Ticket! and more

Our long awaited document from immigration arrived today.  This is the last piece of the dossier.  It was scanned to our incountry team, and we are likely to get approval on it tuesday or wednesday.  This means our dossier should be in the mail by the middle of this week!  The actual I 171 will come in about 2 weeks, but we hand carry this to country.

Typical time frames are that it takes 2-3 wks from dossier submission to being granted a travel date, the SDA appnt is usually 2-4 wks from the time you receive your travel date.....SO that means once we mail our dossier sometime this week we should be traveling on our first trip in 4-7 weeks.  WOW!

Also good news... as of friday the 25th there was another Shea spotting, he has not yet been transferred.

A BIG prayer request on my mind....Simon's MRI is this week wednesday at 9:45 am...we need prayer about results....prayer about protection during sedation....and prayer about treatments which may or may not be needed and the perfect timing of those treatments and traveling for Shea.

It looks like God has answered prayers in regards to Dan's schedule.... it would have been very difficult for Dan to travel out of country in March due to a heavy travel work schedule....which is bringing in money towards bills and Shea of it looks like that will all work out, since it is not likely we will travel in the month of March. (bittersweet)

(please pray for endurance for this mommy as he will be out of town so much in the next month!)

kisses for grandma!


  1. Liz - I will be without Internet - but will have access to e-mail - until after Easter. If you have a chance, I would appreciate it SO VERY MUCH if, when you post to the blog, I get your posts in my e-mail. I felt moved to pray for Shea this morning - moreso than usual :), and I worry so about him waiting for you there. . . I'll do the "subscribe by e-mail" thingy I see here - but if you don't see me registered that way, please send me a message after you've met your little boy. God's blessings on all of your children and prayers for a safe trip to meet #3.

  2. Jennifer...can you remind me of your email address? thanks! Liz