Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Shea Spotting!

We've had a Shea Spotting!  A family adopting from his orphanage right now reported to us that as of Friday 2-18-11 that our boy is still in the baby house.  We know that if / when he is transferred we will not be notified, so these "Shea spottings" are a gift from God for us to temporarily put our mind at ease.  Also we've been told that a director of the orphanage is out for surgery.  This may be slowing down the transfers.  Let's pray that she is granted a nice long recooperation time! for a poll.  We think we have a boy's name picked out for "belly baby".  Any votes on a girls name?  Fire away....


  1. hi bloggers....anyone know how to get rid of the white border behind pictures?

  2. Whoo Hoo to Shea spotting!

    But the borders look cute....

    In thr Design tab, go to Template Designer, under advanced... go down the list till you find the one you are looking for, click on it and change color.... :) If you have a template on try page Background and make darker...

    Good luck!

  3. "Belly Baby"...I love it! :-) I'm really NO good at picking out names for other people. Sorry...I would say something that went with Danielle since Simon and Shea both start with "S"...

    Oh, for as incredibly mean as it sounds, that is GREAT news the director is out for surgery. This may be the "miracle" we've been praying for. Yes, a very long time off from work to heal would be such a nice thing for him. :-) Maybe the facilitators would have a little more chance of postponing the transfer with his assistant. Doesn't hurt to try! She seemed like a reasonable woman.

    Did the family say if he still had casts on or not?

  4. So happy to hear he was still at the baby house! Smile in my heart. :) And I agree with Jill about a "d" name to go with danielle. That would be super cute! And one with meaning...maybe something that means "surprise". lol. Or better yet - "gift". Sending lots of love!!

  5. Yep - my first thought was a "d" name, too - as for suggestions. . . my favorite cousin and best friend growing up were both named Dena. Going Biblical, there's not a lot that starts with "D" - Deborah, perhaps. . . Going for meaning - the name Dora means "gift," as does Dorothy, which actually means, "gift of God," and Dottie is a cute nickname. . .

  6. I think her/his name should start with an "E"...I know, I know Lizzie but I would like to share my thoughts with everyone else
    Shea seems like there's an "E" missing
    but Dorothy Anne is a nice name (oh, we know someone with that name?) what about Eliza Anne??? Eliza Anne Kulp. Is there a prize for the person/family who "guesses correctly"?? JK I love you my friend!!!!!

  7. Just came across this thru the SB Facebook group. I like a "D" name, too! So many to choose from: Davina, Destiny, Dierdre, Daphne, Dana, Danya, Dawn, etc.

    So happy for you guys AND Shea! (Oh, and when I first saw the sheep pic, for a sec I thought it was my MIL who helps my FIL raise sheep in Woodstock, NY!)