Friday, February 18, 2011

Prayers for perfect timing...

So... a few of my friends have scolded me for not updating, so sorry - my apologies!

Events of the week... syracuse trip on tuesday - initially they said a big fat NO....but then we told our story, gave puppy dog eyes, said pretty please...and asked them to call our federal immigration officer.  A half an hour later they came out and waved us in....15 minutes later both our prints were complete and we were walking out the door!  yeah!

Documents are not back from albany yet....hopefully soon.

Federal immigration officer emailed tuesday also and wanted an original copy of Shea's homestudy, I had sent a copy....and she also wanted simon and danielle's homestudy.  I overnighted those to her.... but unfortunately since it's a federal building everything goes to the central mailroom of the building for security and not directly to her desk...I've been told it can take up to 5-7 days to get from the mailroom into her hands...  :(

Today we heard news that Simon's MRI preapproval came through, and that for now it is scheduled for March 2nd.  Originally it was the 18th....but then the doc advocated to get us in earlier.  We are also on a cancellation list incase we can get in sooner.  I noticed my book on Spina Bifida had a whole section on tethered cord, so I've been doing some more reading up...still hoping it's a false alarm...

Danielle still has a yucky cough... but the doctor has cleared her for needs of medication so far, and they did a precautionary chest x-ray which was clear, and sats have stayed at 96 or above.

and drum roll please..... Dan and I are on a weekend away!  We are so thankful to Grandparents Button, Grandparents Kulp, and Aunt Linda and Uncle Harvey who are hangin' with the kids this weekend while Dan and I catch up on some rest and time away.  Dan had a voucher for 2 free nights at a Holiday Inn in Syracuse so we decided to take advantage before I started to waddle!

My ob / gyn appnt today was rescheduled until next week bc of a conflict with the doctor....but I'm happy to announce my morning sickness intensity is easing up.... so happy about that!

Prayers for health for all my kiddo's home, afar, or yet to emerge from my chubby belly.  Prayers for PERFECT TIMING.... I'm tyring not to get stressed about time lines for possible treatments for Simon, Dan's traveling for work, traveling for Shea and on it goes....DEAR GOD....we ask for perfect timing!  You are the ultimate secretary...figure it out good please!   Amen...


  1. Amen is RIGHT! And I hope you guys have a fabulous getaway! Try to relax and enjoy the moment together - those are so few when you are full-time mommy and daddy to 2 (soon to be 4!) lovely children. :) Praying God's strength, peace and protection on you and ALL your family. Much love!

  2. Glad you've escaped for a weekend away! It WILL all work out. Thank goodness for speedy fingerprints. . . Now - the question of the day. Is Shea's name going to be Shea when he's officially a Kulp?

  3. Glad you are getting a weekend away....will keep everyone in my prayers ...have a good time.