Tuesday, February 8, 2011

one more angel on a grey cloud day.... transfer scheduled

The happenings of this very long day...

Tuesday was supposed to start out with trips to see two patients and put in some overtime at work.  God knew I would need the morning, .... one patient rescheduled the other needed to cancel because of a blocked drainage tube.

After putting the kids on the bus, my goal was to catch up on paperwork needed for my visit with the accountant at noon today to submit our taxes, and getting ready for Simon's school conference.  I thought my work for Shea today would consist of hopefully getting a good tax return back to us asap to put towards his adoption costs.  Sorry Dan, no new couch, or warm beach vacation....off to vacation in snowy Eastern Europe for us!

The day changed quite dramatically when I checked my email.  We were told that official word have come through and Shea would be transferred to the institution in "the next few weeks".  My heart is aching today.  I am doing everything possible to move this process along, but we will never get to him in a few weeks time.  The Burman's plight has gone well, and the director of this institution has ruled favorably for them.  We are told our adoption is not in danger and I do hope this is the case. 

I spent a good deal of time on the phone today with USCIS.  I explained our situation and that they should have received our homestudy update by now.  They explained that it usually takes 5-7 business days for the homestudy to even make its way from the mail room to our file.  I spoke a little longer from my heart to this kind USCIS officer.  She immediately offered to help.  I was in awe, a kind and helpful government employee.  Going through this process twice before this is the exception, not the rule.  I could almost feel God's hand on this conversation.  She explained she was going to assign herself as our officer to be able to stay on top of the situation.  Also she logged us in for fingerprint appointments on Feb 22nd, but stated that once we had the paperwork from her we should try going early to Syracuse and doing a walk in.  It may work, and it may not....but she gave us the OK to try it.  She has just shaved weeks off of our wait today.  Thank you for your help officer Wilson.  Another one of Shea's angels along the way....

On a happier note, the Karol family got a glimpse of Shea today.  They said he looked happy and in good spirits.  That is the only update so far.  Simon had very good reports about his day at school, and even accomplished taking the attendance to the office by himself today.  He also pulled out his "talking machine" on his own at snack time and punched in "I - want - juice" repetitively until the teacher took notice!  Both Simon and Danielle gave me extra kisses and hugs today to ease my aching heart.  Dan came along on a play date put on by FCDSN tonight, where the kids had good fun and I visited with good friends....taking my mind off of things for a few hours.  I was thankful for his support and company.  Also to make my heart happy I asked Dan to help Danielle brush her teeth while I went and hid in her bed.  She came in to climb into bed and I pounced!  She screamed a curdling shriek and then giggled for an eternity....yes that was good medicine.

We covet your prayers for Shea.  Thank you for your support.  Praises going up that the Burman's are having success with the director of the institution. 

Dear God, ground Shea's transfer...please let this be a false alarm.  The orphanage director says they don't have control over this decision....please let the power shift.  Help Shea to be courageous.  Protect the adoption process.  Let us see your will and purpose in today's news.  Help us to move swiftly, but please lighten the burden of our hearts right now.  Amen....


  1. Amen. That was a wonderful prayer. I love how you share your prayers with us and keep us reminded to pray with you. Praying sleep and peace on your family (especially our little boy across the seas) and that things will look brighter soon. There are LOTS of prayers going up for you and Shea right now - I can only hope for even more as the days go by. Much love - Joanna

  2. You know I'm praying too, Liz. What an angel at the USCIS office!!! God's hand was definitely all over that. I'm SO glad she will stay on top of it for you. What a blessing!

    Praying for that "power shift" to the baby house director...for Shea's protection...for NO paperwork glitches...for your heavy hearts...and for your wee one too.

  3. Oh Liz, I am praying for your little guy! I am praying that the transfer will not occur and that you will get your golden ticket soon! I know I worry about Noah but I can't imagine thinking he may be transfered...
    Praying both of us are on the way to our boys soon!!! Hope to meet you there :)

  4. Your family and Shea are in our prayers.

  5. Blessings to your family during this heart-tugging time.

    Grace and Peace to your hearts and home; as Shea is in the palm of His hand <3

  6. more prayers going here too. Hoping more angels are working to let this journey be swift and you can have Shea at home where he belongs soon!

  7. Goosebumps and tears and, "Please, God, NO!" Not now, not when he's so close to coming home. Prayers. For Shea and for you and Dan to have peace through this process.