Sunday, February 6, 2011

while we sleep mountains need to move

monday is a critical day, angels will be swarming, battles will be happening.... actually it's monday in EE, so it will be tonight, here...while we sleep.

A child previously from Shea's orphanage who had special needs was transferred to the mental institution.  She has parents in country fighting for her right now.  They are adopting two children, one from the baby house and one (Tori) from the mental institution.

Everything pertaining to the baby house adoption is moving smoothly.  - Not the case with Tori who is in the mental institution.  The director of the site is being difficult and putting up road blocks.  We need to pray for this family.  Pray for the director to let this child Tori have a chance at a new life.

A mother who adopted her Aaron out of a different institution described that their visitations would happen in an empty room, no toys in sight, or at times in a shed.  There was no playground, no sandbox, no loving human interaction. He was living a life of isolation.

So why is it so important we pray for the Burman family and Tori's release?  Of course for the future of Tori and her quality of life....but also for any families coming behind them.  For Eddie if parents are found...he has already been transferred.  For Masha who is scheduled for transfer this week.  For SHEA!!! who is still safe in the baby house, but we have no guarantee that he will stay here.  The decisions that are made tonight across the ocean will play out like a ripple effect for many children to come.  I have inquired twice as to whether the director of the baby house knows we are coming for Shea and have not yet gotten an answer....

God with you nothing is impossible, we pray that you send hosts of angels to breathe warm air into the heart and soul of the director of #9's mental institution.  Keep darkness at bay, let the light triumph.  Amen....


  1. You are in my heart and prayers my new friend.

  2. PRAYING!!! I have every confidence that God will protect our sweet Shea - and I'm praying His merciful hand over all those other waiting children. I remember seeing Tori - I hope God will just flatten those road blocks and let her family through! So many of my sweet blogging friends are posting about Shea (based on the "Give Love" post on his and our family blog) and it is giving me confidence that BIG and GOOD things are going to happen. Sending lots of love!!

  3. I am praying. I 'happened' upon the Saving Shea blog and have been following you every since. May you feel and see God's powerful protecting hand guiding you and shielding Shea and all those precious little ones.