Friday, February 4, 2011

P.S. and ...a mish mash of happenings

- Homestudy arrived in my hot little hands today, and with in the hour I had it on it's way to USCIS.  I even spoke with them by phone to let them know they would have it by monday.  One step closer.

- Spent almost 2 hours checking and rechecking dossier documents and getting them packaged for Albany, awaiting a few last "tweaks" and I hope to have them on their way by Tuesday.  38 documents which are all getting a state seal at 10 bucks a pop!  Woohoo!

- P.S.  to people who may not have heard the news... did I mention that I found out I'm pregnant?  Before you gasp, it will not affect Shea's process.  My adoption rep was about the second person I told...after my husband of course...because I was in a panic when I found out about our surprise!  All is well.  This probably deserves a whole post, but for tonight I'm too sleepy to do it justice.  I'm 10 1/2 weeks now, and we found out just a couple of weeks after we comitted to Shea.... God is tricky tricky!  We had been "trying" earlier in the year, but had stopped in August, because of a few glitches with my health at the time (aka my bionic ticker ).  Apparently God realized if we knew about our "homegrown" surprise, we wouldn't have been brave enough to commit to Shea at the same time.  Like I said...tricky, tricky.  Dan keeps joking that we will have to give the fourth one up for adoption.  Our family thinks that pretty funny.... not sure how the general public takes that joke...but if you can't laugh about life then you get stressed out right??

- Danielle is very proud to have her new big girl (single) bed set up tonight.  This will be our test run.  She was much much too long for that toddler bed anymore!  This child has grown 5 inches since home last September.  Thank you Carli for passing it on to us :)

- Simon got a glowing report home from his Speech Therapist this week, that he was very motivated in his session and said the words, "apple" and "happy" very clearly this week.  We're trying total avoidance of dairy for now more lactaid pills, or lactaid milk.... we want to try this again and see if it will help his belly.  We FINALLY see the GI specialist next friday.

-Dan is fighting another nasty cold....anyone have any magic remedies??

- Another door frame painted today.  Hope to get 2 doors painted tomorrow, and this week try my hand at hanging 2 more doors after watching the crew do it a few weeks ago...wish me luck.

Dear God,
Please protect our Shea...give him peace in his heart to know that soon mama and papa will be with him.  Protect him from transfer....please bless Eddie who has already been transferred, and please keep Masha safe as well.  Help us to keep on keepin' on in this process as speedily as we can, and to give mommy peace as I can't control the speed of others paperwork's all in your will send us at the perfect time.   Amen-


  1. WOW! Liz that is a HUGE post! Congratulations - what an amazing gift to be expecting to new additions this year. :) We will be praying for you and please keep us updated!! Much love! Joanna

  2. Joanna...we were like two deer in headlights when we first found out!....but now we are getting used to the idea. 6 months ago we thought finishing the basement would give us sooo much more room four our quaint little family of 4. Now we will just have more rooms jam packed full of people in our tiny little house! Wow how things have changed! :)

  3. Wow! And congratulations! God's timing is always perfect. It will be interesting to see who gets to come first - Baby or Shea! (Hoping it's Shea - Baby will do well waiting another 30 weeks!)

  4. Have Dan get some Zicam... I had a nasty cold earlier this week and started taking that- what a difference! It doesn't stop the symptoms- it basically stops the cold after about a day. I didn't stick with taking it- because although it's homeopathic, I didn't want to get too much zinc into Elijah's system, but it helped immensely.

  5. jennifer...shea will definitely be home first :) Probably spring of this year if things stay on track....

  6. OH MY GOODNESS - CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish I had known about your blog before today!! I cannot wait to follow your journey to Shea and your pregnancy. God DOES have a fun sense of humor.

    Visitation was the same for us - twice a day every day. Since it was a closed facility they really didn't have a room for us to go to and no toys or playgrounds. When it rained we went into the infirmary - in one of the sick rooms. Pretty depressing. We stayed outside as much as possible! We visited him 65 times. For us they were hard but for Aaron - they were God-designed. He needed those 65 visits.

    I am honored to follow your blog.