Saturday, January 29, 2011

?? will we make the feb 10th cut??

Our country in E Europe starts accepting dossiers again on Feb 10th after a holiday break.  I was looking through my paperwork today, and we have 3 documents left to gather that have been promised to us by the beginning of next week.  Our homestudy update is as soon as the HS and the 3 documents are in our hands we send everything to albany to get it apostilled.  That only takes a few days if we use express mail.

The uncertain part is this.... once we have a copy of the homestudy to USCIS (US immigration) how long will it take for them to give us our fingerprint appointment and the "golden ticket"? The I 171.  This will be the very last piece of our paperchase.  Once we have this in our hands we can send our whole dossier by fed-ex to Shea's country.

We have been told that once the dossier lands in country, we can expect 8-10 wks *or less*, until we are reach our first trip travel date.

So I feel like we have 3 phases left here...
Phase 1- getting the last ends tied up in order to get our homestudy into the hands of USCIS who have all of our other documents and payment already. 
Phase 2- getting fingerprinted, and approved by USCIS
Phase 3 - waiting for our travel date and making the last travel details.  We've been told this is all likely to happen by spring..... phew good thing! 


  1. Fantastic!! I hope so!!! Praying it all moves swiftly and you can get a travel date soon! My heart is with you and I want nothing more than for Shea to be with his family as soon as possible. Sending you lots of love and hope and prayers and energy (I'm not sure how I'm doing that but I'm sure you need that last one!) ;) I did another session for Shea today - $50. I'm gonna try and set up another date of "Mini sessions for Shea" where people can sign up for a small photo session for a donation to Shea's grant. Hopefully this will bring people in who have wanted to do a session but haven't got it together yet. ;) Keep on keepin' on!! Love you!

  2. Fantastic news. After reading your blog, I'm so grateful that Shea will be coming to a family that can offer him so much love and so much kindness.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I can't wait to see pictures of him alongside your already very beautiful family.