Sunday, January 16, 2011

a tiny lull, today for shea

-I have a large stack of papers to be notarized in macedon....but tomorrow is a holiday (hmm, I'm still working what's up with that?)
-we are anxious to get our state level background check, but our fingerprints are not until tuesday
- USCIS has cashed our check, but is waiting for our homestudy update
- Our homestudy visit is complete, but we need to be patient and wait for the write up to come back.
- waiting for a letter to arrive from our tax preparer

hmmmm I feel a tiny bit stalled!  More time for praying and fundraising now I'm sure! 

Dan is working tonight at a youth event...I'm so thankful for my helpmate....he's having a birthday on friday, so if you see him make sure to give him some spankings.

Simon did wonderful at school on friday when I went in for a half day observation, soooo proud of him.

Danielle went to see a brand new baby today, Elijah Seeber, - she was enthralled.

Shea....what are you up to right now buddy?  Playing and content I hope...full belly?  Healthy?  All prayers from mama going up for you.

Lot's of good progress on the renovations this weekend....thank you Wood Family and crew!!

And I'm super happy to hear there is another Reeces Rainbow child coming home to some friends in Rochester.... yeah!....  who's next, hmmm?? anyone???


  1. Liz.... thinking of you often and our friends who are adopting too :-) So wonderful that the world has wonderful families like you guys. I have been looking at all the pictures of the children on Reece's rainbow and my heart aches. Yes, I think I would welcome another addition to our family if I could.

    Take care

  2. That is my prayer for Shea as well. Someone mailed my uncle a 100$ check for Shea today! Whoo-hoo! I'm hoping to get that sent to Reece's soon. Sending you lots of love and well wishes. :)