Tuesday, January 25, 2011

slow but steady, check!

monroe county docs certified today, check!

homestudy update complete and approved by the EE team, now to get it to albany, check!

2 more doorframes calked and prepped to paint, check!

New Letter of Obligation completed, check!

Simon saw ENT and audio today, lots of crusty fun removed from those asian DS ears, check!

Falling asleep as I write...check!

Danielle ice skated for the first time today on a school field trip, check!

The gift of life, God’s special gift, is no less beautiful when it is accompanied by illness or weakness, hunger or poverty, mental or physical handicaps, loneliness or old age. Indeed, at these times, human life gains extra splendor as it requires our special care, concern, and reverence. It is in and through the weakest of human vessels that the Lord continues to reveal the power of His love. Terence C. Cooke


  1. Woohoo!!! Moving right along! Praying for SUPER DUPER QUICK USCIS approval too! Shea, hang on. Your mama and papa are coming!

  2. Bring that boy home to us soon Lord! Prepare Shea's heart more and more for becoming a son and brother, grandson and nephew, cousin. You put the solitary into families amd You are marvelous in Your grace to us!