Wednesday, January 12, 2011

living in fast forward....temporarily

Before I get started... notice the pink barbie shirt.  Boy do we need to get him home!  My poor boys spent there first years dressed as girls! :)

Wow, just thinking about this week is making me sleepy!  This mamma needs some rest... (so duh, why am I blogging and not in bed??  good question!)

So we've been in hyperdrive this week....
-getting all the last minute documentation finished for our homestudy visit on friday,
-finishing the painting downstairs,
-preparing for our "work day" on saturday
 (thanks to some wonderful friends The Wood family and a church they belong to)
- living life with Simon and Danielle who are keeping us hopping!
-and oh yeah....going to work.... my time to rest! :)

So this week Simon's belly has been doing well, finally!  I hope it can continue like this.  As many of you know he did fall asleep on the toilet this week....what a boy!  He's been enjoying his tent, and falling asleep in there as well....hmmm kulp men....they love their rest that's for sure!  (But that's because the Kulp women keep them so busy when they're awake!)  He smothered me in kisses tonight...sheer bliss for this mom.

Danielle had a very good hearing test, and a good eye exam recently.  No pressure changes from her skull closure so that is a very good thing!  She has been hamming it up putting on dance shows for us.  Her new favorite food this week is oranges!  We need to buy stock in the produce section of wegmans I think.

As for Shea.... much more paperwork has been done this week.  Our homestudy visit is friday.  Our passport renewals are back, we have our fingerprint appnt for NYS (not the uscis yet) scheduled for tuesday, UPS security called us wanting to know why we were mailing documents to Eastern Europe!  Good grief!  ....and a bazillion other little things that I'm too tired to write about now.

But all is well....we are surviving the snow storm, and the kids are both snuggled up in their beds.  Dearest Dan is being quite the trooper doing all the URGENT assignments I have been giving him.  Have I mentioned what a good husband I have...putting up with such a type A, semi OCD wifey poo?

I'm off to bed now, I hope :) ...thanks for checking in....hugs from the Kulp Family

Dear God, our prayer tonight is that you protect our family, our health, and our finances as we move forward in this journey toward Shea.  We thank you for all your little "surprises" in life, you sure do have a sense of humor.  Help us to cherish the moments even as we are in a phase of "fast forward living"....and give us a sense of peace that we are closing in on the paperwork....and there will be rest from this cross eyed craziness someday soon.  Protect our Shea, please close any doors that would lead to his transfer....and bless those who have been blessing us as we bring Shea home to his "peeps"!  Oh and dear God, I almost forgot - please let a minivan miraculously appear in our driveway....cause I can't smoosh any more kids in my honda civic!  AMEN


  1. Oh, Liz - I love your prayer, I can't wait to Shea home with his forever family. And I noticed the "chip in" up there, too. Many, many prayers that all yours are answered.

  2. Oh my sweet boy!!! I'm smiling at that picture in the pink - you know real men wear pink? ;) I just spent an hour looking through RR again - not really sure what I was looking for - of course I visited Shea. So I was so glad to see a post from you. Most days I'm pretty busy - full plate with lots to think about - but at night...I always feel a little "hanging in the balance" - you know what I mean? Like I still can't figure out what my next move in life should be. Daunting task - figuring out life. :) Of course I always fall back on "waiting on the Lord" - but what do you do while you wait? Praying for you and Shea and all the hurdles and twists and turns you are on. You are in our thoughts daily and on my heart always. Sending our love from Georgia. :) - Joanna

  3. Jennifer, Joanna and all.... this is Liz, is there a way to "reply" to comments...Joanna I have your email, but Jennifer...not yours. Thanks for the chip in idea...I wasn't sure how to do that, but it was pretty simple...thanks! I should be working on paperwork, but my brain needs a rest. Notice I'm not in bed yet? I must go sleep! So hard when there is so much on your mind. My RR contact said at the rate our paperwork is going there is a possibility we will travel in Spring rather than Summer....fingers crossed!

  4. I'll give you my $pam e-mail and when I hear from you I'll give you my private one. . .

  5. Just a reminder to take the name of the country off as this is a public blog..

  6. Thank you for that reminder anonymous! I didn't even realize I did that...I try to be sooo careful. I never ever mind the help....appreciate it. liz

  7. So glad to hear things are moving along so well! Hope the HS visit went well too. Traveling in spring would be AWESOME!

    You know, just looking at this picture makes me tear up. I'm not even sure why...I think it's maybe because I miss seeing Shea everyday! He is just such a Honey - I can't even describe how blessed you will be to have him in your family. :-) I guess I'm also tearful for the other 5 boys left in his grouppa that have no hope. 4 of them are not even listed for adoption that I know of. None of them can walk like Elijah could - none of them are verbal like Shea is. One would flip himself out of the playpen, landing squarely on his head (w/o even a whimper) just so he could get to me for a tad of affection and attention.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to make this into a book here. But I did want to let you know that I when went "shopping" for some BOY clothes for the grouppa, I did find a sweatshirt in about Shea's size (he's one of the biggest in the grouppa and weighs about 2x as much as Elijah, esp with casts on), so hopefully they will put it on him. :-)

    Oh, one more thing, as anonymous mentioned above, you may want to go back and check previous posts too. :-) I know - it's SO hard to remember. I've slipped more than once and had to go back and edit it.

    Praying for a SUPER SPEEDY process for you!

  8. Oh what a sweet picture, he is a super handsome boy! Can't wait to see how he grows and gains and progresses once he's home!