Tuesday, April 5, 2011

staying put in more ways than one...

Our little Shea is "staying put" in more ways than one.  Staying put can be very good.... by this I mean that as of last week our US facilitator heard that he is still in the baby house and has not been moved to the institution.  Staying put can also be heart wrenching.... as many of you know we fully expected to be travelling for our first trip in April, but now it is definite - May at the earliest.  So although it is wonderful he hasn't been transferred yet.... it is hard to be patient when our first travel has been pushed out almost a month.  No other updates in regards to our little man.  We tried very hard to reverse this decision with a letter of special consideration to SDA, but it either didn't get through the channels and to the SDA, or they just didn't choose "to make any special consideration".....either way.... we wait, we wait.... I wonder if our little man knows we are coming for him??

The latest phase in regards to belly baby, is that he / she has decided it should be virtually impossible for me to keep my eyes open past 8 pm!  Wow, what power this little growing life has over this fully grown mamma size one!  I'm officially feeling like a chumba wumba!  Lookin' like I'm "filling out" as people politely notice, but not quite looking obviously pregnant yet....so many people who don't know probably think I'm having a love affair with cookies lately!  ( and yes they would be right.... I need an intervention me thinks )  The 20 week "anatomical" US is next wk.

Dan is finally home after a long 2 weeks traveling for work... complicated a bit, by 2 kids with strep at home and a mommy with bronchitis....but we are all on the upswing now.  Thanks to the grand peeps for helping out xoxo!  Hubby got home just in time, as my car had the nerve to have a flat tire....and sure I can change a tire....but it is certainly nice to have my man home to do it for me....thanks Dan!

Danielle is doing great in her "new" room downstairs.  We are very proud of her.  Looks like a dynavox may be in her future....another big project in our life!

Simon is scheduled for a renal ultrasound next week, and then a screening with Dr Silverman to determine if he might have a "secondary" diagnosis other than DS, as many of us suspect.

Never ever a dull moment in our home,.... can't wait for some nice weather to get out and play in the mud and get my hands in the gardens.  Till then bubbles and punch balloons in the house to keep us occupied :)  Now how to entertain the kids??....hee hee  ;)


  1. What a full post! Hang in there - waiting is so hard I know - and I've never had to wait to be with a "baby from across the seas" so I can't imagine! I'm loving that you're "filling out" and can't wait to hear if baby belly needs a pink or blue gift from me!!! Get your rest. Eat your cookies. And keep being the fabulous mother you are!

  2. I've been praying for the six of you - good health for each of you, safe travels, for Danielle, Simon, Shea, and for Baby Bump Kulp, travel plans and the perfect time for that, for dressers, new-to-you seven seater vehicle, strength and endurance, monies, for a special Kulp family bonding when all six of you are together etc. etc. I know you're anxious, maybe feeling defeated, down in the dumps - I will pray about this, too.