Thursday, March 24, 2011

a lump in my throat....

Hi all,

so I'm very discouraged about news that I received today.  I didn't have the heart to write it up myself so here's the gist of it...  after all the incredible hurry, over nights, drives to albany, syracuse and all the pressure to get the dossier mailed ASAP to avoid transfer this is what we learn of today.... and to top it all off we still don't know if he is in the baby house or not, and he could still be transferred.  Please say some prayers....  I was so convinced we would be taking our first trip by mid april.... not anymore it appears....

Hi Liz,
      I just wanted to update you on the status of your dossier. **** submitted your CSP documents requesting permission to submit a dossier for Shea as a child with special needs. When the SDA reviewed it, they granted permission for the dossier to be submitted but told him that he would need to wait to submit the dossier in April because Shea's release date for international adoption is in May (he was registered for adoption in March 2010 and has to wait 14 months for international adoption). If you go to **** before then for your SDA appointment, they will not be able to give you Shea's file. So, your dossier will be submitted on April 14th (the SDA is not accepting dossiers on April 7th, so the 14th is the first Thursday in April that it can be submitted). **** said that you should plan to travel in May, based on the current wait between submission and appointments and the fact that Shea will be available in May. But, they obviously won't have a concrete date for travel until after the dossier is submitted.
**** did not know that Shea was not already cleared for international adoption and neither did **** until he submitted the CSP. The orphanage directors only tell **** that the children have been registered. So, you will be delayed about a month in order to get Shea's file. But, your dossier has been completely translated and is ready to be submitted on April 14th....    


  1. So very sorry to read this. XOXO

  2. Oh Liz, I'm so sorry for this delay. God has his reasons though, His timing is perfect. Cling to that and just think, now it gives you a little more time to fundraise and get things ready to bring home your boy!! :) HUGS!!

  3. I am so sorry. The international adoption world is indeed very complicated and often not in the best interests of children.

  4. Maybe he heard that you would eat his Easter candy? :)

    The Lord's timing is perfect. He is never a moment late. Hang in there... Sending you love and prayers.

  5. Will be praying for you all all.

  6. I know that you have a heavy heart. I am so sorry for the delay but we do trust that the same Lord that is comforting you right now is the same one that is protecting and comforting Shea. I pray that this time passes quickly for you and you will soon be wrapping your arms around that precious angel!

  7. So sorry for the delay!! I know how important everyday is for these sweet kids! Praying you will hear news soon!