Saturday, March 19, 2011

the world around us....

please pray for carrington.... remember the family that went to adopt regan from the mental institution? (regan used to be in shea's baby house) they also adopted carrington who is from shea's baby house, but a different "grouppa".  They knew carrington was fighting to hold on and very medically frail...and this was confirmed as she was admitted to the hospital here in the US as soon as she came home...  Thank God Shea is seeming so healthy and happy from what we've heard...but it gives me shivers to think of what would have happened to carrington if she had been without a family for even another few weeks, or maybe days...

also baby Jason S ( a new brother of one of simon's classmates) survived his heart surgery yesterday and reached his 26 wk gestation mark birthday!  Keep praying!!!

and another significant one... Please pray for Molly.  She is a youth group member of Dan's.  She is in the PICU in very very serious condition due to an infection which has left her unresponsive....dan has been with the youth group all night and is still there.... please pray for miracles.

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