Friday, April 15, 2011

The flock of turkeys worked! aka we've been submitted!

You may have heard last Sunday I saw a flock of turkeys in a neighbors yard... I knew good adoption news was to come bc this has happened in both previous adoptions...  hit a major bump in the road, see a weird turkey sign....a few days later good news.

No wise cracks...we already know the kulp family we have here are a bunch of turkey lurkeys!

It is official...our dossier was submitted to Shea's country on april 14th,....which means barring no further problems we should be on our first trip by mid to late May.  We should know our travel date within the next 2-3wks.

Please continue to pray as the government in his country is still undergoing change in adoption processing....pray it doesn't delay shea's homecoming...and pray blessings over the families who are chronilogically behind us and may hit those bumps in the road.


  1. Such great news!! I have been praying for Shea since I first learned about him through "Auntie" Joanna. God is so good!

  2. Liz, that is too funny! We've been seeing lots of turkeys here too. Good things to come??? :-)

    Oh, and you know how incredibly excited I am for you to hear this news. GO GOD!!!

  3. Oops, forgot Sarah had her account open. That last comment was from me, Jill B. :-)