Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday's Update ( 24 hours post op )

We are now 24 hours out of surgery.  For the most part it been a good day.  He is staying comfortable as long as he's not changing positions.

Goals met - foley cath out, one more IV line out, sat up with mom for 15 min, keeping all his liquids down.  Most of the day vital signs have been good.  He is starting to help mom with the rolling, check, check, check.

Little hiccups - shea had a fever of 102 today for a while, then tylenol brought it almost back down to normal for 2 hours.  After the tylenol started to wear off the fever went right back up to 102.... so we will be keeping a close eye on that.  They are wondering about atelectasis, but his sats have been pretty decent today and his urine dip test was clear.   Also his brace doesn't fit very well and needs to be adjusted again, it is getting us by for now, but will feel much better once it's "just right" again.

He sat up twice this evening.  The first time he was so very very anxious, but the second time it went better.  15 min and 8 min, so that's good progress.  Mom sits right behind him so he feels like his back and head are supported and this keeps him calmer.  We'll try "solo sitting" in the recliner chair tomorrow hopefully. 

That's about it for today... rest and recovery and a little bit (lot bit) of work. Still lots on the horizon to meet criteria for going home, he is chuggin along.  Hopefully he can conquer that fever and start weaning off the morphine tomorrow.   Until then....

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