Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hoping for the homestretch...

It's been a few busy days since the last update.   So far everything that has been tested is still negative for infection.  CSF leak has been ruled out.  By Friday evening the shunt type symptoms had really calmed.  The drainage began to slow, but was still too much.  Saturday was spent waiting 1) to see if the drainage would slow enough to not require intervention and 2) waiting for Dr Sanders to come home from Boston. 

By Sunday morning it was evident that the drainage was still too much and would need to be irrigated, and treated with antibiotics so that it would not turn into infection... it was also too large to resolve itself anytime soon. 

This morning I was very anxious because the headaches returned and some light sensitivity....The hope is that once the hematoma is gone and not stressing the body or causing pressure in the lower spine region that the shunt symptoms will go away.  Shea has been incredibly lucky that he's made it to 9 years old and has never needed a shunt revision.  My hope is that his shunt can clear itself and that this all will come to an end soon.  I'm going to be optimistic!

Right now it's hard to tell what the shunt will do as he is still being asked to lay flat and is also on strong pain meds.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will get more upright and be on a less rigid medication schedule so we can see what happens.

He does have 2 drains in, and they are doing their jobs.  The surgeon said that if things go ideally, we may be able to go home in a day or two, and that the drains would go home with us.  I could manage them from home.  The next 24 to 48 hours will tell us a lot... again i'm going to be optimistic and say he'll be eating turkey from home, not on the 8th floor!

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