Sunday, November 15, 2015

A pretty good day today, to get ready for tomorrow's very busy day...

I'm yearning for my pillow, so this will be short and sweet...

He was able to go off the morphine today and is doing well on an oral pain med instead.  He also spent the second half of the day off of his IV fluids bc he's drinking well (ish)

After midnight tonight he will again be nothing to eat or drink to prepare for tomorrows MRI under sedation.  He will be given something by IV to relax him before going into sedation so that he doesn't fight and panic to protect his back ( and his spirit xoxo )

Dr Sanders is allowing him to sit up in the recliner without his brace, so that has been helpful for his pain control and his anxiety.

He is still fighting off that fever.... when the tylenol wears off it goes up to 102, we catch it with tylenol and then it goes back down.  It would be great if the fever breaks by tomorrow.  Post op fever is completely normal... i'm told no real intervention as long as vitals are good and pt stable, unless fever goes past post op day 3, then maybe some blood cultures to rule out infection...but it's unlikely.

He did great with his sitting, up three times for an hour each time.  At first his legs are very painful, i think bc of dural tension....but after positioning and getting settled his pain calms down with sitting up.

His brace was adjusted today, but it's still not a good fit.  The orthotist that came thinks a new one is needed, because this one has been adjusted so many times and shea's alignment and edema / size has also changed so many times.  Not to mention the first one was made in june, and 9 yr olds tend to grow!  He should be casted for this tomorrow, with a one day turn around time. 

He enjoyed some nibbles on real food today, and especially that chocolate milkshake :)

Dressing change is also scheduled for tomorrow as well.  That's all i can think of for now...  thanks for checking in.   

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