Friday, January 3, 2014

Why was he given another mountain to climb?

Over the last 3 months I have started to come to the realization that Shea may have yet another mountain to climb.  I would think that this little guy already was given his fair share of challenges in life... but here we go again.

Shea is very intelligent, very funny, very creative, very verbal, very social.  He also struggles INCREDIBLY with reading, writing and mathmatics.

He's not "just behind because he got a late start in life".  He has connections, decoding, and visual input/output methods that aren't working properly.

I know because of his Spina Bifida, and specifically for Shea some decreased development of his corpus collosum near his occipital lobe he is especially prone to these kinds of challenges.  I know it is probably not something that he is going to "just grow out of".

BUT, I know I have high hopes for what his future may hold, and what he can do with the many strengths that he has.

I know I have a long long way to go in regards to learning how to best teach and help shea.  After 3 months I still am having trouble even finding a way to get him tested for dyslexia in the rochester area.  I know almost all schools have a very long way to go in regards to learning how to best teach children with dyslexia.  I know bills in NYS assembly and senate( that would require schools to have a staff person who is certified in dyslexia intervention and recognition)  started in 2012 still don't even have a vote scheduled on the calender to date.

I am also learning that having trouble learning to read and write has nothing to do with my son's intelligence. He is very smart, he just has a brain that takes information in and puts information out in a different way.

I hurt when I see how frustrated he becomes with school and homework, and how he doubts himself...

We have another mountain to climb...together... and we are just embarking on the foothills...

Heck a few months ago i hadn't even really known that this mountain was in front of us... but here we go... ready to climb.  We will get tired i'm sure... i just hope we don't get lost, and that we don't quit!

This is a long video... but really hits the nail on the head.... if you have time take a look....

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  1. I worked at a school specifically for kids with dyslexia and language based learning disabilities in NY but it's far from where you guys are. In NH where I am now we have someone certified in learning disabilities who has to be there in our review meeting of testing results. Legally you have the right to have him tested. Did they do the testing? If so, what did they do. There are certain tests that help ascertain exactly what kind of dyslexia (orthographic or phonological) If you want to email me about any of this, let me know! I used to live in NY! (nobabynoblog at gmail dot com)