Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today's plan for Danielle

We saw the docs...

danielle smiles...

they are not going to order a swallow eval.  In their opinion the mechanical trouble she's having with swallowing is all caused by her pain causing gag reflexes etc to kick in.  They feel once the pain is resolved then she will head in the right direction.  She is still on IV's to prevent further dehydration.

ENT took her immediately off tordol ( her iv pain med which she has been on thurs, frid and saturday ) because it is a high risk drug for bleeding problems post tonsillectomy. hmmmm

We already know tylenol and motrin aren't cutting it bc we had been using these religiously since day one...therefore they are saying she needs to go stronger, and she is now on morphine...which i am nervous about.

They feel if we get the pain under control then she should be able to swallow properly again... so that is today's project.  they want me to magically get her eating and drinking :)  I'll give it my best shot!

so far we've tried various liquids ...those still come right back up
pudding... goes down but then vomited back up
applesauce... we've gotten one spoonful down every 20 min or so...

she is very sleepy still... hard to know if it's the constant sleep she's been in since wednesday, or if it's morphine related... but she is harder to rouse... so i'm sure the morphine is contributing.  I am happy that i've gotten a few smiles out of her and that a few times she's signed that she wants to eat... but then gets mad bc it hurts and won't go down.  At least a little bit of desire is returning...

soooo if anyone knows how to get a sedated sleeping child to eat and drink... throw the tips my way !! :)

Danielle will be getting her special visitor as Daddy will be able to visit very soon!!!...maybe he will be able to work his magic with her too and get her to take in a little more by mouth...

all testing and lab work from yesterday have come back clear / normal so it's good we aren't dealing with flu or uti etc.

thank you for the continued prayers....


  1. Continued prayers heading your way. Praying the applesauce continues to stay down. Hopefully now that Danielle continues to be hydrated she will start to feel better. Such a difficult thing to go through as a parent. God is with you and He has Danielle in his arms. Love to all of you.

  2. <3 poor sweetheart....I'm so sad she's hurting :( Sometimes having something with a little more substance helps if some of the meds are making her nauseous (though if they're IV that might not be an issue?).can she have mashed potatoes or mac n cheese? (just have to be careful of the temp) also, we used to compound tetracaine lollipops- don't know if that's an option or if anyone in the area makes them- but they could be swabbed on the tongue and were great for numbing pain after surgery. It can be hard to explain to a child though, when their throat feels numb, it can make them feel like they aren't able to breathe propery. Hoping she feels better very soon, praying for you all!